2011 FCIA Education & Committee Action Conference New orleans - April 2011

Richard Keeney & Bob LeClair
Al & Ann Garcia, Paul Gauci
St. Louis Cathedral
2011 Pres. Bob Hasting
Ryan Bosscawen
Bob & Kelly Hasting
Bill McHugh & Bill Kofel
Bill Koffel, Bill McHugh & Jim Shriver
Jeff Gould, Scott Rankin & Angie Sims
Mike Caruso, Paul Gauci & Kevin McKay
Lauren Sustek & Reggie Derman
Angie Ogino, Brian Wilde & Kyle Bruns
Bob Svoboda & Doug Tyser
Kris Hill & Kevin McLaughlin
Accredidation Committee
Apprenticeship Committee
Program Committee
Dennis Hall
Kevin Dale
Guy Bradley w/ The Program Committee
Mike Pautsch, Angie Ogino and Don Murphy
Tim Sanders & Les Brown
Jim Shriver, Angie Sims & Mike Pautsch
Tom Thoreson, Reggie Derman
Lauren Sustek & Reggie Derman
Jacques Parent & Annie Trottier
Ken Slama & Don Murphy
Dana Arsenault & Aedan Gleeson
Rick, Rosemary & Mike Holmes
John Morosco & Pat Tesche
Bill McHugh & Carlos Haddad
Rosemary Holmes & Linda McHugh
Phil Mancuso & Malcolm Sparling
Eddie Lezcanco & Tony Vitro
Randy Bosscawen & Dan Cain
Mike Pautsch, Mark Dietz & Bill McHugh
Judi/Jim Shriver, Charbel Tagher, Tony Vitro & Carlos Haddad
Rick Kabele
Justin Jame
Kelly & Sharon Holovach
Rosemary Holmes, Doug & Kathy Tyser
Mike Zanotelli & Bill McHugh
Eric Keeton & Dan Cain
Dwayne Garriss
Tom Dake & Kevin Dale
Ken Slama & Jim Smiley
Phil Mancuso
Casey West
Rick Kabele & wife
Sharon & Kelly Holovach, Cindy & Jim Whitehead
The Holmes & the Dakes
Linda McHugh, Judi Shriver, Jennifer & Mark Dietz
Joe Tardiff, Phil Mancuso & Don Sabrsula
Angela Hamilton and Ken Slama
Scott Rankin and Gary Hamilton
Rosemary & Mike Holmes
Hotel Monteleone view
Don Donnelly & Mike Holmes
Reggie Derman & wife
Bill Weber
Logan & Amy Moss
Don Murphy & Jeff Gould
Joey Tardiff & Michelle Lauria

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