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Reasons for Founding

Make more money in the Southern Colonies!

The Southern Colonies were mainly started so Catholics could practice their own religions and so people could make money.


People in the Southern Colonies made lots of money by making plantations and growing all sorts of crops like...




and indigo.

Indigo was popular because kings use to wear purple clothing. Indigo made a purplish dye so people could dye their clothes that color and feel rich like kings.


The Southern Colonies climate was pretty warm and had hot summers and mild winters. The Southern Colonies had fertile farms rivers and harbors as their natural resources.


The states in the Southern Colonies were Maryland founded by Lord Baltimore in 1634, Virginia founded by the Virginia Company in 1607, North Carolina founded by Virginians in 1653, South Carolina founded by 8 propreitors in 1663, and Georgia founded by Edward James Oglethorpe in 1732.

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