Good life spark story of the play the divine a play for sarah bernhardt written bymichel marc bouchard

My spatial experience: I was in an auditorium with a few hundred other folks. A little cramped for my liking, but hey what're you going to do about it? I liked that we got there at the last minute because we got seats in the back so we didn't have to be so close. That definitely improved the experience because we were closer to the exits so we could get out faster. It also made falling asleep a little easier, but the chairs did not yield themselves to that very well. It just goes to show that the "good life" really can be anywhere.

This is me outside the theater with a picture/painting of a Harry Truman lookin fella

The social experience: I went with a couple of my teammates, Jess and Dom. Both fantastic people- I voluntarily live with Dom. Let's see what did we do to get ready for this play? To be honest I just about forgot about it, but Dom reminded me. I think we had practice before the play so after that we went to Chipotle, which was really good, and then we headed on over. Definitely did not do anything special to prepare ourselves for this play.

This is Dom and me. He didn't know I was taking this picture. I got his expressed consent to post this though. I am holding the playbill to prove where I was.

The cultural and intellectual experience: The play was about social classes, the power of the Roman Catholic Church, and working conditions during the industrial revolution. The play changed my thoughts and actions in no way, shape, or form, except in that I know I'd care not to frequent Constans theater for any more productions. I knew nothing of the subject matter nor did or do I care to. I have no ties to any of the commentary expressed in the performance.

This is Jess and me. She's an Aussie and was really tired during this play

The emotional experience: As a Jesus follower, I was not totally wild about all the shady business, cover-ups, and scandals that the church had. You know, they are supposed to be the morally upstanding folks and they were like the bad guys in this. That is not what Jesus is all about so that created some dissonance.

Me trying to be like Kodak

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