Beau Blair In conclusion

Header Photo Credits: Tashanna Whitehead

After four months of production planning, contacting and communicating with sources, and witnessing several games of incredible Blazer baseball, we could not be anymore proud of the final results that we have the opportunity of displaying to you today.

Behind the scenes. Photo Credits: Tashanna Whitehead

We would like to officially present to you Beau Blair. Enjoy!

Photo Credits: Tashanna Whitehead

Throughout the course of the 2017 Baseball season, we have been more than privileged to be able to witness and document Valdosta State's Senior pitcher Beau Blair. The closer was, on many occasions, called "the stalwart" of this Blazer team's pitching rotation by his head coach, Greg Guilliams. During our interview with the coach he took us on a journey. His story began at the same place Beau's did, his freshman year here at Valdosta State. He depicted a scrawny kid; who by societal standards, at 6-foot-2-inches, was anything but short. He spoke about the kid in a nostalgic tone as if he himself had been reliving the moment he met him. Coach Guilliams told us about his never say die attitude, saying he had "the biggest heart... and you can't really measure that". The coach spoke of different stretches of struggling during his Sophomore season and maturing his Junior year. By the time the boys were training for the upcoming season Coach Guilliams was as excited to see what Beau would do this year as Beau himself was. The journey concluded with Coach Guilliams confessing that he "couldn't imagine" Beau playing better than he had been. That he wouldn't change a thing about the pitcher and that we chose a good one for our package. In hindsight we couldn't agree more. The journey we have been on, the learning experiences we've had and the progress we've made as directors, writers, videographers and with Beau Blair have made this project feel like a necessary learning experience more than some menial assignment. We found that through hard work anyone can thrive. Even an "Underdog".

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