Nagra Pro audio Newsletter december 2018

This month we are featuring well renowned music companies and sound engineers from all around the world that are using Nagra recorders

Fritz de With at STS Digital and Analog audiophile recording!

4x Nagra IV-S and Nagra VI

STS Label using 4x Nagra IV-S and à Nagra VI

Nagra T for 30 ips analog recording !

STS Digital and Analog is again present at the Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage

Philippe Teissier Du Cros has just been awarded Sound engineer of the year 2018. «Victoires du Jazz» Paris, France. Congratulations !!!

Philippe Teissier Du Cros Studio in Paris Nagra D, IV-S, VI and CDC.

KEN CHRISTIANSON, Pro Musica, Chicago
Nagra IV-S analog tape recorder, 7.5 ips (19 cm/s), with 3M 996 tape Nagra VI (PCM 24/192) digital recorder Matched pair of AKG 414 EB microphones from 1979

Gregg Simmons, Australia

Gregg does recording around South East Asia: Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Indonesia and Malaysia.Simmons, Nagra LB, V, VI, VII

Phillip Chance with Nagra VI and IV-S.

Fonè records

Giulio Cesare Ricci, Fone Records

All tape copy recorded on Nagra IV-S with SM-900 recording the master tapes.

Hudson Fair, Chicago Atelier HudSonic

Nagra IV-S, T-Audio, Nagra V, Nagra D, VI, VII.

Hudson won many awards including Grammys, Deutscher Schallplatten Kritiker Award, (for 5 cd set of all the Hindemith String Quartets with the Juilliard String Quartets), a "Gramophone" magazine award for "Excellence in American Recording," 12 Grand Prix du Disque, and 11 Diapason D'Or plaques. He has recorded over 380 LP's and CD's.
Lee Lockwood and Andrew Spindor of Loneoak. 2x Nagra VI, 2x EMP and Neumann, Gefell and Josephson microphones.

Nagra EMP, microphone preamplifier

Nagra VI anniversary

Truth recordings

Damien Rice / Nagra IV-S in the field

Dirk Sommer, Sommelier du son, Germany

Nagra VI and IV-S

Recording at the Montreux Jazz festival with Dirk Sommer and Matthieu Latour with two Nagra T-audio

Larry Elliott / Nagra VI

Jeff Messing, Opus digital audio / Nagra VI

Nagra VI and VII
Rene Laflamme, Fidelio 2xHD, Montreal. Recording with the Nagra VII at La Maison Symphonique Montreal using Fidelio 2xHD custom tube microphones.

Nagra T-audio, Nagra IV-S, Nagra VI and VII

The mastering chain consists of a selection of high-end vacuum tube equipment. The original ¼" 15 ips NAB and CCIR master tapes were played on a Nagra-T tape recorder, modified with high-end tube playback electronics, wired with OCC silver cable from the playback head direct to a tube head preamplifier. The Nagra T, with its four direct drive motors, two pinch rollers and a tape tension head, has one of the best transports ever made. A custom-built carbon fiber head block and a head damping electronic system permit 2xHD FUSION to obtain a better resolution and 3D imaging. The resulting signal is then transferred into high resolution formats by recording it in DSD 11.2 MHz and PCM 192kHz/24 BIT using Nagra VII. All analog and digital cables that are used are state of the art. The 2xHD FUSION mastering system is powered by a super capacitor power supply, (Nagra ClassicPSU) using a new technology that lowers the noise found in the lowest level of the spectrum. A NAGRA Mastering TubeDac (DSD256) is used as a reference digital playback converter in order to A and B with the original analog master tape, permitting the fusion of the warmth of analog with the refinement of digital.
Costa Kekemenis, Producer, Matthieu Latour sound engineer, Aphrodite’s Factory, Greece.
Zavalinka Records. With the producer of recordings on reels, the founder of Zavalinka Record from Moscow, with Nikolai Kazantsev and Maria Kazantseva. I am very impressed by their idea and the fight for the promotion of music on the reel tape. The sound is of the highest quality, most likely the best form of music reproduction. Fragments of the publication played on the Nagra IV-SJ tape recorder.

Nagra IV-S J

AES New York 2018
AES New York 2018
New Nagra VII Anniversary

Nagra VII Anniversary

The Nagra VII is the evolution of the Nagra Seven with a more rugged mechanics and a massive front panel engine from aircraft grade aluminium. The Nagra VII records in stereo up to 192 kHz and 24 bits. Fully loaded the Nagra VII comes with complete Time Code and Word clock capabilities.

Nagra VII in the field

The ideal companion to a DSLR video recorder, the Nagra VII offers two high quality microphone preamplifiers, it is light and compact and extremely user-friendly. Comprehensive menu and touch screen offer a very fast learning curve. Nagra legendary microphone preamplifier’s wide headroom adds-up to make a great recording even when set-up time is minimum.

Nagra VII as mix-down deck

We live in a digital and software age and the audio is no exception. However, mixing in the box and relying on computation does not necessary provide a faithful sound reproduction. In the pure analog days, you had to choose between ½” or ¼” tape machines and different speeds. Today we believe the Nagra VII is a great alternative to mixing in the box. It offers a full body sound with more transparency, presence, colour and refinement. We suggest you try the Nagra VII as a mix-down deck using 192 kHz sampling rate on your next mix.

New Nagra Mastering Tube Dac

Nagra Mastering DAC preview

Following the success of the Nagra HD DAC, tube based digital to analog converter, Nagra is introducing a custom version for mastering. The HD DAC is used by a few discerning mastering studios such as Chab, Grammy Award winner for Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memory” album. Nagra is showing a preview on the Mastering DAC. The Mastering DAC is very technically advanced with a digital processing done at 11.2 MHz on 72 bits. It provides unique performance and has been acclaimed in the Hi-Fi market as the most “analog D/A” available.

The Mastering DAC is a two-chassis design with a separate super-cap power supply. It features a headphone amplifier for monitoring, as well as custom made output transformers and special trimmers for precise left and right level adjustments. The Mastering DAC will be available in USA and Canada from January 2019

Chab Mastering Engineer Nagra Tube Dac

Chab mastered Daft Punk, Random Access Memory (Grammy Award for album of the year)

Nagra Analog WorkShop

Refurbished Nagra T and Nagra IV-S on sale. Web site will be release in 2019.

Nagra Analog Workshop

Nagra T refurbished at Nagra analog WorkShop in Switzerland with new original parts. Custom carbon fiber head block cover to lower resonance. Direct head output from external tube tape head preamplifier. New Stereo heads for rec/play (2.75mm) and bias adjustment to record with SM468 or SM900 Tape.

The strong market trend for analog playback and the success of LP is a great opportunity for Nagra to come back in studios to cut analog masters. Nagra is probably more famous for its location recorders. Though many studios use Nagra equipment with great satisfaction. Nagra IV-S is portable and high quality. It can be used as a self-contained recorder with external microphones or as a mix-down deck in studio.

New and refurbished Nagra IV-S

Nagra has always maintained service and stock for its analog recorders. Nagra is promoting analog through a new brand called “Nagra Analog Workshop”. Nagra Analog Workshop is specialized in servicing and refurbishing of Nagra analog recorders with Nagra genuine parts, many “new old stock”.

Nagra technical Service centers

Nagra service center in Switzerland, Paris and North California.


Rene Laflamme, rene.laflamme@nagraaudio.com (America)

Matthieu Latour, info@nagraaudio.com (Europe and Asia)

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