Country Comparison By Tyler f.

United States of America (U.S.A.) VS Central African Republic (C.A.R.)

The United States and the Central African Republic are similar and different in many separate categories.

First, I will be comparing them in political information. They are similar in their governments as they are both republics. However, the United States is a Constitutional Federal Republic and the C.A.R. is a Presidential Republic. They are also comparable because both countries allow anyone 18 or older to vote.

Next, I will show how their Economies’ compare and contrast. The United States’ main agricultural products grown are wheat, corn, other grains, fruits, and vegetables.

However, the C.A.R. produces mainly cotton, coffee, tobacco, cassava, and yams.

The Central African Republic provides many industries including gold and diamond mining, logging, brewing, and sugar refining.

Meanwhile, the main industries that the United States provide are very different. They are petroleum, steel, motor vehicles, aerospace, and telecommunications. These are very different, as a matter of fact, they don’t share a single main industry! This may be because their natural resources are very different. The United States contains many resources. Some ideal examples are coal, copper, lead, molybdenum, and phosphates. On the other hand, C.A.R. has diamonds, uranium, timber, gold, and oil. Some of the resources are comparable such as the diamonds, and gold for C.A.R, and the coal, copper and lead for the U.S. They are comparable because they are all mining resources! However, the others are not comparable because phosphates and molybdenum are chemical items, while the rest of C.A.R.’s main resources are miscellaneous resources such as timber and oil. Finally, these two countries are very different because the United States’ GDP(ppp) is $17.95 Trillion! However, C.A.R’s GDP(ppp) is only $3.018 billion (United States Dollars).

Third, I will be talking about the Geography of each country. The climate is different in each as the U.S. is mostly temperate, but a little tropical. However, the C.A.R. is just tropical. Also, the elevations vary a lot more in the U.S, with Death Valley at -86 m, and Denali at 6,190 m. However, the C.A.R.’s elevation extremes are extremely different! The lowest point in C.A.R. is the Oubangui River at 335 m, and the highest point is Mont Ngaoui at 1,420 m. These are different because the U.S’s elevations vary throughout the country majorly, and the C.A.R’s seem fairly similar.

Finally, I will compare the Social Information. The literacy rate in the United States is 99%, while the Central African Republic’s is at about half of that, at 56%. The main languages in America are English, Spanish, other Indo-European, Asian and Pacific Coast, and other.

Meanwhile, the main languages in C.A.R. are French, Sangha, and tribal languages. These are very different because they don’t share a single language in common. The final comparison is the life expectancy. The expected life span for the average American person is 77.5 years for Males, 82.1 years for Females, and the average is 79.8 years. However, the average lifespan for a person from C.A.R. is 51 years for boys, 53.7 years for girls, and 52.3 years on average. These expectancies are very different because the C.A.R’s life expectancy is about 25 years shorter!

In conclusion, although the United States of America is very far away from the Central African Republic, they can be very similar and different. The Central African Republic is a very interesting country to learn about and I enjoyed this a lot!

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