Artemis Most superior Goddess

Temple of Artemis


Artemis is most respected for chastity, virginity, the hunt, the moon, and the natural environment. Proud goddess, individualistic and free-spirited yet kind, headstrong woman.

She punishes all who disrespects her. Once a great hunter named Actaeon was hunting when he came upon the goddess bathing with her huntresses. When Artemis caught him she had turned Actaeon into a stag. He was then hunted down an tore apart by his own hunting dogs who didn't realize that it was their master.

Artemis, stringing her bow
a statue of Artemis in a museum

Artemis, was daughter of Zeus and Leto. Hera queen of the gods despised all affairs Zeus had, so as Hera is god of childbirth, she did not allow any land with roots to help poor Leto when she was in labor. Then after many long months Leto found an island floating upon the sea, on that island she gave birth to Artemis, and her annoying brother Apolo.

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