São Paulo Brasil

Today we had an eye opening day of agita. Over the past couple of days we have experienced many new adventures that are completely different than anything we have ever had before. There are so many bad things in these places that it very encouraging to see how spiritually strong the people are here.

Church was very eye opening. The people are so connected to the Spirit and one with the Lord. They love everyone and aren't afraid to be themselves. They don't get embarrassed by anything. They love singing and sharing and aren't afraid to be emotional.

The favelas are very difficult to go through because of the way these people live.

The favelas are different than we originally thought. They are small and crowded together. They were a little unnerving to go through because of the way they are built and the stories about them.

Although they live in such bad situations, these people still are happy and get by. The children run and play and laugh like any other children do.

We had dinner at a Brazilian bbq. It was very good and a fun time to connect with the staff at Restoration Ministry.

Enjoying the food!
Papaya ice cream. Yum!
The papaya fruit, and classic "Ronaldo" face.

The agita ministry is an awesome way to connect with the kids. They love playing and singing with us.

They love to jump rope, and they are really good!
They play many games we don't know but they love when we play with them.
They say we are crazy Americans.
Prayer is very powerful and we had many opportunities to pray for the kids.

This city is so different from anything else we have ever experienced.

Everything is small. It is so eye opening to see these people's lives.

The houses are small.
The streets are small. The cars are small.

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