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Cake Smash Sessions are for babies around 12 months of age to celebrate their first birthdays and to document their first exposure to cake. Cake Smashes with Fawn Lily Photography feature three parts: (1) a Birthday Portrait (2) the Cake Smash and (3) a bucket bath at the end.

Cake Smashes are generally done in studio, but outdoor sessions can also be accommodated depending on weather. Cakes are not included, but can be added on to your package if desired. Props and select outfits are available for your use. I am happy to work with you if you have a particular vision or theme in mind. Generally Cake Smashes are just for the birthday baby.

Getting Ready

Getting Ready for a Family Photo session can be overwhelming. For general guidelines on how to dress for photos, please visit my PINTEREST BOARD. Please avoid clothing with large logos, writing, characters, or small patterns. Please bring along a couple of outfit choices, extra diapers, wipes, a towel, and a small snack or two (puffs or cheerios are great if we need to stick a few in the back of the cake to engage baby in smashing. You are welcome to nurse at the studio should that come up. It is also a good idea to bring along a few favourite attention-grabbing toys or even to have a favourite song or show ready to play on a mobile device. 1 year olds can be a bit fickle so bring whatever you can to make the session go smoothly and be lots of fun.

If you absolutely need to bring along a prop, you are welcome to do so. Heirloom items or sentimental things are happily welcomed. If you would like to bring along a prop or two, please email me a picture of the item at least 3 days prior to your session ( so that I can make adequate preparations. Unfortunately, no guarantees are made that all props will be incorporated.

At the time of the session, I will do my best to engage your children and to have a good time together; however, it is your job to do your best to contain and settle your little ones (and sometimes bigger ones). I am easy-going and the session should be smooth sailing! If things get a bit rough, please try and remain as calm as possible. Little ones tend to pick up on our emotions and perpetuate the issue. We will just remain calm and take our time and will get the shots.

Please refer to our specific correspondence for location directions and time. If in studio, your session will be held at 2524 Shoreacres Rd, Sidney. The studio is located at the far left on the house in the workshop at the end of the path. The studio is very small. Please do not bring any extra people.

Your session fee is $150 and is payable by email transfer to PRIOR to your session or by cash or cheque (made out to Sarah Jenkins) at the time of the session.


Your session fee includes 5 digital images. You will be presented with an online gallery of your images following the session. The gallery will contain approximately 25-40 images from which you select your complimentary 5 and place your digital/print order. Additional digital images, prints, canvases and albums are all available to purchase from the gallery following your session. Please refer to the Pricing Guide for complete Pricing.

Within 3 days of your session, a sneak peek will be posted on social media (Facebook/Instagram) in the following locations: and A blog post may also be published featuring your images at Please Tag, React to, and or Share the social media images. My business is maintained primarily through word of mouth, so it is a great service to me if you do so. If you do not interact with your sneak peeks, Facebook has now made it so virtually no one sees business page posts. Please share the images via the means provided within the social media platforms (ie. Share); please do not right click on the images and save them to your devices that way. The sneak peek images are specifically formatted for Facebook/Instagram and they end up very pixelated and noisy if saved. Additionally, the images (both sneak peeks, and the full resolution files) are copyrighted to Fawn Lily Photography. As such, please do not crop the images in any way or edit them (ie. Instagram filters). If you prefer your images not posted on social media, please email me to let me know prior to the session. If you chose to avoid social media, you also relinquish the sneak peek option.

In the event that you, or I, are unsatisfied with the images due to unforeseen weather, equipment failure, or photographer error, a retake may be issued. Under normal circumstances, refunds are not issued - due to services rendered. Retakes are generally not issued due to a difficult or misbehaving child, pet, or another subject, poor outfit choice, or lighting issues if my recommended session time was disregarded. All that stated, if you find yourself unhappy with your images for any reason, please communicate that to me, and I will try and remedy the situation. I want you to love your images.

All images will be fully edited for white balance, exposure, lighting, background, and basic retouching flaws. If you request editing above and beyond the scope of my normal workflow, a $25/hour charge will be issued. If a family member has a temporary flaw (bruise/scratch etc) that you would like retouched please let me know at the time of the session.

All images remain property of Fawn Lily Photography. Final images are selected at the Photographer's discretion. Unedited (or raw) images will not be provided. All images may be used in present or future advertising, marketing, and portfolio work.

What to expect following your session

Session turnaround is estimated at 2-3 weeks. When your edits are completed, an email will be sent to you with a link to open your gallery. In the gallery, you select and download your complimentary images by using an instant download credit. There is also a shopping cart where you order additional digital files, prints, canvases, or other products.

A downloading gallery will then be made available and you simply follow the prompts to download your full resolution, unwatermarked digital files. Images in the downloading gallery will be provided BOTH in colour and black and white. To print your images, I recommend that you print through me as I use a calibrated, professional lab. If you chose to print third-party, I cannot guarantee the print quality, nor can I troubleshoot through your print order should you have problems.

Please make sure that you save your digital images securely (in at least two places). I do NOT keep client images indefinitely and am generally unable to reupload downloading galleries at a later date. Galleries are live for 10 days - after which point they expire. Please download and save your images promptly. If your gallery expires, or you lose your images (and I happen to still have them), there is a $25 fee to repost a gallery


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