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Reasons for founding

One of the reasons the Southern Colonies were founded was that they needed a better capital, one that is not so close to the water. Another reasons it was founded was for Catholics to have a safe place to worship. They also founded it to block the Spanish. They also created to southern Colonies just to make money.



The weather in the Southern Colonies is very sunny and very hot. It is very humid and sticky. They are many rainy days though.


In the south the land is very flat but it also has lots of mountains. It also has lot of tress and plants.


In the south there are a lot of natural resources. There is soil, tress, animals, and plants.

Economy how people made money

In the Southern Colonies People made money by farming. They would grow Tobacco, Cash Crop Indigo than just get rich! Trading was also a big thing in the Southern Colonies the Southern Colonies trade with also kinds of different kind of people and tribes.


In the southern Colonies children usually were home schooled. Since the farms and plantations were so far apart it made public school very very difficult. Plantation owners would very often hire tutors to help teach there boys math, science, History, and geography. A governess would the teach girls the reading, writing, English, and social skills.


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