Medieval Torture Devices By: Hailey schwartz

Medieval Torture Devices

Ordeal by Fire-The accused had to pick up a red hot iron bar and hold it while they walk 3 or 4 steps. Their hand was then bandaged. After 3 days they would go back to the court and if their hand was beginning to heal they were innocent if not they were guilty.

Ordeal by Combat-If accused they then had to go into combat. If they won they were innocent and if not they were guilty.

High treason-You were hung and cut down while you were still alive, you were then beheaded and your body was cut into four quarters. And this was in public display.

Trial by Jury-The jury got to decide your punishment if you were found guilty. The jury was divided into groups of 10. And they all discussed if you were guilty or innocent.

Heresy-The punishment for this is banishment, if the culprit repented and was burnt at stake if did not repent.

Witchcraft-The punishment for witchcraft was strangulation whereas in case of serious offenses witches were burned at stake.


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