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We are called the Magnificent 7

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“…highly regarded by his peers… a visionary leader, one who is poised to help guide the future of IT training not only in Idaho, but throughout the United States.” Kirk Lawson Executive Director of Business Professionals of America

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Q: What is your Favorite tool? A: Whatever I happen to have access to really but if I have the entire creative cloud... I beg you not to make me choose.

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Q: What is the driving force behind your work? A: I have a burning desire to make sure my students have access to a professional.

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Q: How do you help your students remain competitive in a changing world like graphic design? A: I teach them the must know tools only. After that we just add tools as they come out. You only have to learn one or two new things every other month instead of a whole suite.

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The Brightest Night - Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semi-Finalist
Dan lives everyday knowing that his vision is a reality that others have just not experienced yet.

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That's the Creative Mastermind!

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Dan Armstrong

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