Rugby The story of my uncle-Luis

How it all began

About him

This my uncle Luis Cazares. He is a rugby player and loves playing rugby. The number of his shirt is 10. My uncle is 6'1 in height. He is paralyze and can't walk. He is 30 years old. He is one of my best uncles because he always looked out for me and is so nice. He was always there for me when I was sad or mad. He loves making people laugh when there not in the mood. He may sometimes roast you but, at the end he will always love you. Now your wondering how he got paralyzed?

The shot!

One day my uncle was waiting by the store to wait for my aunt to get some groceries. He was in a purple the front passenger seat on his phone. An unknown guy came from the back of the van and, shot my uncle in the back of his spine. My uncle was around 25 when he got shot. He was sent to the emergency room. All my family was sad and freaked out. They thought he was going to die. Everyone was in tears but, the doctors said he was alive and, that the bullet was still in his spine. In order for him to walk again is if they do surgery on him and take the bullet out. The doctor said "there is a possibility that he may die when doing surgery on him". My aunts didn't risk that chance so they decided not to take that chance. My aunt took my uncle to many therpy's but, that didn't help him. My uncle was so sad whenever he couldn't do something he got mad at himself. Now he decided he wanted to be a rugby player for a living.

The flight

Now he travels around the world. He is happy about himself and I'm happy about him and all accomplishments he did. He isn't famous yet but, I think he will be. I love my uncle he is like my brother. Now in days he is doing very well even though he is still paralyzed. He is happy about himself.

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