On Otley Chevin Michael and Lloyd taking advantage of a bit of good weather

WED 04 Jan 2017

Lloyd: Feeling a bit under the weather with a chesty cold.

Michael: making a determined effort to get up earlier

Together they managed to set out just after lunch in bright, bright sunshine, and headed for Otley Chevin. The winter sun circles so low that the road to the Chevin viewpoint was wholly in shadow but Lloyd pulled up where a little road led through to the sun over the Dales. You can see that road in the photo below.

Michael's photo of the first road. Down below those two poles a path led off to the left.
Just beyond the two poles in the picture (above) - the path off to the left.
Further along that path. You can spot the clump in this photo in the photo above.

There was some sunshine as we headed for the main Otley Chevin viewpoint. But it was might cold in the wind on that exposed slope. So we did not stay long.

It was too cold to spend long on the exposed ridge of the Otley Chevin viewpoint.

We moved the car a bit - to the old quarry entrance about 200m further along the road. There we found that the paths were very muddy after the rains and frost of the last few days. So we had to go carefully.

We wanted to get beyond those trees (above), to see the sun which was ducking behind the clouds.
It as good to get some uninterrupted sunshine.
The low, bright sun kept ducking behind the tiny cloud floating in the big, open sky. [Click on images to expand]
The pond. It will be interesting to come back as the seasons change. [Click on images to expand]

The Pond is a famous photobook by John Gossage. It contains a series of B&W photos of a rather unremarkable puddle not unlike this one. We might try our own little version of The Pond. In the summer the grass will grow long and some of the bushes - the gorse, for example - will bear flowers.

As we left, a cloud (the cloud in the very first, opening, photo) caught Michael's attention. This snap shows him taking his last photo for the day: the photo behind the title.

Here's the other photo of that cloud, taken by Michael, this afternoon ...

A bit chilled from the walk, we headed off for coffee in Croissant d'Or.


Lloyd and Michael Spencer

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