My Learning Journal A reflection of the course

Assignment 1. 15 second video of a vacation.

I found this project to be reasonably easy. It was the first time that I had looked at the royalty free video and music sites and I found the process of getting audio and video simple. The live class was very informative and helped to clear up any concerns I had as to how to export my videos to the correct size and output. It was also the first time I had used Vimeo as well, I found this process to be easy to complete as well. My video in the end was quite simple, with the use of 3 videos and audio, I also applied fades to black and audio fades. Adding and creating titles was fun and easy to do.

Assignment 2. Vacation extended- 30 seconds.

For this assignment I extended the previous video to 30 seconds. I added photo stills from a cruise we did in January and also some video footage. I added more cross dissolves throughout the video as well and removed some of the fades to black. I used the same audio, but played around with the decibels, and extended the time, making sure it fades out nicely at the end. In the last video clip i added a logo that appears over the sun in the shot and then fades out to black after the image has faded out, I was really happy how that came together.

For this video I found the whole process fairly easy, once again participating in the live class help to give me some awesome tips, particularly in placing stills into the clip.

My Reflection of the course.

I have found this course to be extremely helpful in allowing me to achieve my goals. I needed to be able to use Premiere Pro to teach Media students how to edit their videos. I am feeling pretty confident in my abilities in being able to deliver the knowledge I have learnt to my students.

It has been very refreshing to be a student, instead of the teacher, and I learnt that I respond and learn best from lots of visuals, such as examples and video tutorials. I will be delivering the knowledge to my students in the same way, as well a giving them lots of one on one instruction to embed the knowledge.

I have thoroughly enjoyed completing this course, the use of live classes, video tutorials and written instruction have made this an easy to follow, fun and comprehensive program.

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