What I learned by: abi westover

In this class, I learned how to measure and calculate distance. I learned how to find the mass of a object. I learned how to measure with a ruler, and draw a correct drawing with the right angles. I learned how to work together to build something and I learned that practice makes perfect. I learned how to perfect the art of gluing and how to make it look nice but be stable all the same. We figured out how to calculate and build a house with Sketup. during Sketup, I learned how to build a house and how to measure a tower. If you are a arcitect, this would be a very helpful sight. To make the towers, you need materials, like woodcutters, glue, wood and pins. you need to have a sheet of paper tat has the correct calculations to make your tower perfect. you have to have the perfect amount of glue to make it look nice but to have it sturdy. if there is a lot of glue it will be slippery and messy. if you have to little, it will fall apart.

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