Merryweather High Newspaper

New Mascot

We are now the Merryweather Manatees. The name "Hornets" has been revoked because a sophomore was stung by one and hospitalized last week. He's better now, but our mascot hurting a student isn't a good sign. So the school board has changed the mascot to manatees since there's a football game this Friday and the cheerleaders need to know who to cheer for and time to work 'manatees' into some cheers. And because they both start with 'm'. And who doesn't like manatees?

Senior Expelled

A senior here at Merryweather High was expelled from the district a couple of days ago. It was discovered that Andy Evans hurt freshman Melinda Sordino at an end-of-the-summer party, but nobody knew until now. Just earlier this week, he trapped Melinda in the old janitor's closet hurt her again. Luckily, she was able to get him to stop by holding a piece of glass to his throat. The lacrosse team heard the commotion and came in to see what was going on. Andy was expelled from the district, so he will not be returning next year to retake his senior year (due to his grades).

No More Mr. Neck

Mr. Neck, a freshman social studies teacher, will not be teaching here again next year. The Principal has finally come to the realization that Mr. Neck is too opinionated to be teaching. An example of this is when David Petrakis, freshman, told Mr. Neck that he can't close a debate when it's not going his way, Mr. Neck replied with "Watch me." But this wasn't the first time Mr. Neck has done something like this. David then proceeded to having his lawyer set up a camera in the classroom to document potential future violations.

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