New Downtown Stadium Renderings Scroll through to see detailed renderings and descriptions of the Columbus Crew's new Downtown Stadium

Aerial View: Looking from Southwest toward downtown. The stadium sits as the western terminus of Nationwide Boulevard anchoring the Confluence Village development near the Scioto and Olentangy rivers.
Facing Northwest: Each side of the stadium's stands will feature a unique fan experience, including the 3,400-seat Nordecke section & beer garden in the North end, and a 5,000 sq. ft. Brew Hall with open views to the entrance plaza and downtown on the South end.
Plaza View: The community plaza and park on the southeast corner of Confluence Village features 40,000 sq. ft. of landscaped outdoor plaza open to the public on matchdays and non-event days. The plaza can host a host of events, including concerts, festivals, futsal & outdoor soccer, and more.
Southeast Entrance: Pedestrian-level view looking from the Northwest. A brew hall anchors the Southeast corner of the stadium, access year-round off of the public Plaza as well as the Main Concourse on matchdays.
Nordecke: The remodeled supporters' section is slated to be the best in MLS. With a dedicated entrance, it will feature a dedicated supporter concourse and beer garden, the first such in MLS, as well as integrated tifo rigging systems within the canopy above.
Downtown View from the East: A 360-degree concourse will allow fans to circulate around the entire pitch, connecting the Nordecke Beer Garden in the north, the feature bars in the south, and the public plaza in the southeast.
Aerial: Looking from Northwest from Nationwide Boulevard, the stadium is anchored in the District by a multi-use public Plaza that can be activated year-round.