Theory about how Otzi the Iceman passed away.

Otzi also know as Iceman was the first person whose body had remained intact in the ice. He is not called a fossil, but is actually a mummy or a prehistoric artifact from the Copper Age. Archaeologists say that Otzi was killed in 5,300 BC and had lived between 3350 and 3100 BC. He was found near Tisenjoch / Giogo di Tisa in the Schnaistal / Val Senales valley, Ă–tzal Alps South Tryol, Italy or the border of Austria and Italy. He was found because a couple was hiking and they were two German tourists, they were Helmut and Erika Simon and they had found Iceman on September 19, 1991. When they saw Otzi's body they freaked and called the police.

One theory Archaeologists and I have told on how Iceman died was that he was stabbed in the back while trying to defend himself in a fight . I came to this conclusion because the data finding shows that he had two wounds on his right wrist or right hand. I think this is believable because Scientists are saying that Otzi was in a fight while trying to defend himself and that maybe somebody got close enough to stab him. Scientists also say that his own people were the ones who killed him and I have a thing to add. I think it was because he had done something wrong and the people had decided to get revenge, but Otzi found out and then went to the place where his body was found and he tried to hide there, but had passed away. I can't just think about myself, instead I will talk about the other perspectives. There are two other theories and those are that Iceman died because of hypothermia and or was killed as a sacrifice to the gods. The hypothermia theory is also believable because it might have been cold in the mountains because now if you go there it has snow everywhere which makes it cold and Otzi was probably freezing which meant he couldn't live longer. The sacrificing theory is also believable because other people might be trying to erase Otzi's religion and god, but in order to keep the religion he had to sacrifice himself for the gods so the religion could keep on going and people would say how brave enough he was for is own religion and will want to keep it. I will still stick with the theory about stabbing because it is pretty believable for me.

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