Four F's Of India By youna karim

PJ like trousers, that can be worn by both men and women who move around a lot.
6 feet long and it is an unstitched upper garment that looks lik a pair of pants
In the rich part of India men wore western clothing because they could afford to

Women fashion:

Is a 49 yard on search garment draped in different styles and worn on an upper stitch garment called choli or blouse
Muslim women wear it it's part of their tradition it's a long and loose head dress
Lehenga is a long skirt worn with a scarf



Roti is flat bread
Dosas is thin crepes made of lentils
Maharashtrian is hey cuisine that includes vegetables lentils and greens


Burbank is a dish made with rice and vegetables it is very popular and has even traveled to the middle east where they do their own twist to it
Naan is wheat flour and water east and butter yogurt and milk it originated in India Persia and Central Asia
Dal Makhani dish from the Punjab region. It has homework Lento red kidney beans butter and cream


Tandoori chicken Siri popular all over the world chicken yogurt and honey
Samosa is it Friday dish with feelings such as space potatoes onions peas lentis or meat
Uttapam is a dish made by cooking in better it's like it's like pancake what toppings




Raksha brandhan

Famous people

Shanh rukh khan

He is a famous actor and king of Bollywood


She is the top paid actress in Bollywood and best friend of sun rukh kahn

Ajay devgan

He is married to Kajol. Is also a actor and director he is many awards and began his career in 1991

Aishwarya rai

She is a model and an actress she what was the winner of miss world 1994 and label the most beautiful woman in the world she does a lot of charity


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