Nice Pets To keep at home

Dogs, mans best friend. I think they can really be anyone's best friend! Except people who are allergic. There are so many dogs to choose from so get the two you like best!! I prefer protective ones. +++++( that was my star rating)

Cats, quiet, sneaky, cats. They're basically ninjas. But I'm not saying they are a bad pet. They are amazing! Get as many as you want because they can keep rats out of your house! Pretty useful!++++

Hamsters, I think that's a hamster.. anyways, they are small and easy to take care of. Little Hammy needs a friend! I mean come on, they're so fuzzy!! They are awesome pets!+++

Guinea pigs! They're kind of like hamsters but just a bit bigger. I have two and the picture is of one of them. They're so ADORABLE!! And really fuzzy! They're quiet too! Perfecto! +++++

Bunnies!!! Since it's Easter you can go ahead and adopt Peter Cottontail. Maybe his brother or something to, I don't know it's your choice. Bunnies are not hard to take care of either. You can do so much with them to! I like them! ++++

I hope you get one of the pets on the list! Not the zebra, but something you'll be happy and comfortable that is below your budget. Look up dog or cat breeds, pick your favorite, look at the shelter and POW! You have an addition to your family! I hope you have a nice day!!

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