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The Rise of a Military Society

How did Japan become a Military Society?
Japan became a military society when the kamakura government marked the beginning of a new era in Japanese's history. This increased professional warriors, samurai, and Japan's ruling. This era only lasted about 700 years.
The loyalty and structures of the shogun, daimyo, and samurai.
The emperor was a ruler in name but the shogun had the most power. The shoguns were like the commander in chief. Daimyo are warrior-lords they had loyalty with land and wanted to be rewarded because of their obedience. A samurai are warriors that shoguns traded land for their protection. A samurai brought importance on military values in Japan.

Samurai Armor, Weapons and Fighting

Weapons and Armors
When a samurai would go into battle they would wear a heavy armor with many pieces of metal. It would cover the back and the chest part of the body, they would also wear a thick iron mask to protect there face. Weapons were important because a bow and arrow would be able to knock a man off of its horse. A sword would be a samurai's most important weapon. They were flexible not to break, but had a sharp edge
Military training and fighting styles
.In military training the samurai would practice until they can shoot without thinking. They were also taught to use a different technique when there weapons would break and it would be called martial arts. The fighting styles would be the two armies would face each other yards away. The two samurai from each army would shout out their name, ancestors, heroic deeds, and the reason for fighting, then the armies would charge.

Samurai Training and the Warrior Code

How did someone become a Samurai?
A person would become a samurai in a training. In a samurai training they were trained mentally. They would have to learn to control themselves and to overcome their emotion that can interfere in a battle. They would also get trained physically to control themselves, they went without eating for days, also marched in the snow barefoot on a long journey, and was held in a still posture without complaining. They were told themselves that they were already died.
Bushido and Seppuka
Bushido is a code for a samurai to be honest, fair, and fearless in the face of death. The bushido was "The Way of the Warriors" this code governed the samurai's life. A Seppuka was a ritual suicide. A samurai would suicide when their lord dies as a protest against a wrong or a injustice or to shame their lord. This became a ceremony there were guest. At the end of a samurai's meal they would place a sword, and the samurai would plunge it in their stomach.

Training in Writing, and Literature

Writing and Literature
In the 17th century samurai was expected to be a students with culture and a strong warrior. In Japanese culture writing and literature were important. Samurai would practice calligraphy, it was the art of writing. A famous samurai invented a form of short poetry called haiku. It uses images to create a mood or suggest a idea.
Tea Ceremony
The Tea Ceremony was a fostered a spirit of harmony, reverence, and calm. A guest would crawl as they entered the room, there are flower decorations. They would go around and pass the cup and drink the tea, they would drink it three times and wipe the rim with a tissue.

Spiritual Training

Amida Buddhism and Zen Buddhism
Amida Buddhism is found by a monk name Honen and these Buddhists think that everyone could reach paradise. Amida was a Indian Prince, he set up a western paradise called the Pure Land. The Zen Buddhism appeals effort and discipline. Zen Buddhists meditate for hours legs crossed without moving. Zen masters created a garden to aid in meditation.

Women in Samurai Society

The role of women in samurai society
In the 12th century women warriors were a considerable statue. They were loyal and even thought they didn't fight as much as men they were expected to be brave. When a samurai dies his wife would inherit his property. In the 17th century women's positions changed and weakened. They wouldn't be able to even choose their own husband . The father would have complete control over there daughter.


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