Conquer the ball a preview of the JV girls soccer team

The HHS JV girls soccer team brought home their first victory after winning 3-2 against the CHS Pioneers on Dec. 5. The team won with a final goal scored by sophomore Hannah Riggins, despite a rocky start.

"I definitely think we could improve this team," coach Rebecca Strong said during halftime. "The team we are currently playing with [has] a lot of people, and we're going down to their level."

Yet, Strong said she is confident in the team this season, and will implement practices in the future to counteract specific strengths of the opposing team.

"If you act like a teammate — if you play like a team — then you'll do so much better. You'll work as a team together, rather than having individuals think like 'oh, you're so good,'" said Emerson Zufelt, a freshman who plays right and left forward. "Trying to do things on [your] own never works."
Sophomore midfielder Jordan Peterson sprints ahead with a lead on the ball during the first half of the game.
Sophomore right and left forward Amirah Curry attempts to steer the ball after a CHS player kicked the ball out of boundary.
"We have a lot of talent out here — a lot of girls from a lot of different clubs — [it's] very entertaining to watch them all work together on the field," Strong said. "I think we're going to have a very strong season."
After a CHS player attempts to pass the ball to her teammates, sophomore midfielder Olivia Gomes clears the ball from danger.
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