Gun Control an issue that has sparked the nation and world- By: Libby Williams

According to Gun Violence Archive, 364 mass shootings have taken place this year as of November 11, 2019. CBS News tally defines a mass shooting as an event in which four or more people were killed, not including the shooter. This is a definition that is widely used.

This issue has sparked debate throughout the nation, world, and schools, with numerous calls for new gun laws that could prevent shootings from occurring.

“I think there needs to be some stronger regulations on buying a gun. I think it’s too easy to buy a gun,” senior Drew Bridges said.

Sophomore Isabella Ramos agreed, saying, “There’s clearly not enough [regulation].”

One of the significant issues acknowledged within the gun control debate is the existence of military grade guns in civilian populations. These guns, such as AR-15 guns, have been a recurring feature in mass shootings.

“I think that they’re necessary to protect the people, but I think ones that can kill, like AR-15s, should be restricted,” sophomore Samaha Duffy said.

“No normal person should have that kind of weapon [military grade guns] in their possession. There is no innocent way to use that,” Ramos added.

Many people are calling for the regulation of guns, especially those of military grade.

Some students have a different take on how gun violence could be prevented. Sophomore Spencer Stovall remarked that, “The problem with our guns is not necessarily the law, it’s more of just the societal ideal of guns. I think we need to know who has what guns and keep certain guns out of certain people’s hands.”

This point has been a prominent aspect of the gun control fight. Many people, including some politicians who have pushed for gun control laws in the House and Senate, say background checks would help keep guns away from people who are most likely to use them in harmful manners. These people include convicted criminals and people with mental illness.

Senior Natalie Nasser believes in stricter restrictions on guns and concurs with the fight for background checks, saying, “a way heavier background check,” would be a good form of gun legislation. “Everything needs to be taken to the extreme to get guns,” she said.

Gun control is a topic that resonates widely with many young people in the United States, since school shootings are a common occurrence. According to CNN, there have been over 288 school shootings since 2009 in the U.S. This, of course, has caused fear among people of all ages.

Many students say they feel safe at school. Duffy says that while she’s never felt unsafe here, she’s “been scared going around to other public schools for games and such.”

Safety measures at our school include bolts on our outside doors, metal bars that can lock classroom doors from the inside, and our security guard.

Like public places, schools have heightened security recently because of shootings.

Current juniors and seniors remember an incident when an act of gun violence affected them at school. It happened about two years ago when a domestic dispute caused an armed person to enter a Weigel’s near school.

Senior Luci Carson said she and classmates had to hide in the changing room of the field house during the lockdown.

“We all thought he [the shooter] was actually on campus. It was really scary,” she said.

In light of recent events, young people have gathered to advocate for gun reform. One such organization includes the March for Our Lives, which was organized by the teenage survivors of the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

Several Irish students also feel that action should be taken against gun violence and Ramos directly addresses the issue.

“I speak out about it on social media and stuff like that…I think silence is only going to make it worse,” Ramos said.

These opinions, statistics, and actions are just small pieces of the complex puzzle of the gun control debate.


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