CG Art Show

After coming up with different ideas for her silk painting project, Lauren Shaub '19 decided to make a piece more about culture. " I like the colors because it all works together to compliment one another, " Shaub said. It took her about 3 days to complete it.
Ross Dowell '20 really enjoyed the different combinations of colors within the piece. "The subtle graduations in the different colors and coming up with the different themes was really fun," Dowell said. "The duality of man as portrayed in folklore is so interesting."
Senior, Will Hermesch, used 8 pounds of clay for both vases. "The hardest part about it in my opinion is pulling even walls so that the clay is a consistent thickness throughout," Hermesch said. "My favorite part about ceramics is the practicality of each thing you make, everything has a function and a purpose."
While taking these photos in Chicago, Elizabeth Boas '20 wanted to show more abstract cityscapes for inspiration. "My favorite part about taking photos is getting creative and finding the abstract angles while out taking them," Boas said. "I love film especially and the whole developing process."
Ellie Bemis '19 and Molly Surface '19 had to plan out their colors and shapes for their modern batik before putting it on silk. "I liked playing around with the warm colors and mixing them to create the face and body of my cow," Surface said. They got to choose what picture they wanted to do. "I chose to use this photo of a 1920's women because I love the fashion and beauty of that time period, and I wanted to try to portray that in my modern batik," Bemis said.
While making a shadowy skull, Caitlyn Ebert '19 likes to create more edgy pieces. "I decided to do the skull because I personally hate drawing portraits or faces," Ebert said. "They just bore me. Skulls are just my style of art. What has taken me the longest is that I'm a perfectionist, especially when it comes to shading. While shading in the skull it took me about two weeks till I was content and proud of it."
Ashlyn Glover '19 decided to make her silk painting out of this world, meaning she painted the background the galaxy. "My favorite part is the galaxy background and the technique I had to use to get it like that," Glover said. "I had to put the different shades of purple and blue on my silk first. I then added the salt to make it a more wavy texture."
When choosing a brand , Bri Poore '20 did one of her series project on Addias. "I loved how the lines went throughout the entire picture and the background is super mysterious. I chose to do that with the lines to reemphasize the lines on her shirt and bring them out," Poore said.
In Ceramics 1, Trey Thixton '19 threw a vase. "The easiest part was centering the clay," Thixton said. "I decided to choose these colors because it made the vase look rustic."
While taking photos, Aidan Fox '19 likes to portray one's personality and what they represent. "In these pictures in particular the boy is one of my very close friends and the whole photoshoot we did brought back really good memories," Fox said. "So in a way these pictures are more important because of the memories they bring back for me, and they're my favorite from a composition perspective."
Personally, Ashley Yovanoff '21 likes to make most of her artwork mean something to her. "I lost my great grandpa to Alzheimer's," Yovanoff said. "This piece was an image of him during the Korean War when he was stationed in Japan. This was my way of honoring him for serving our country and and always keeping my family safe no matter where he was in the world."

If you'd like to see your student -- no matter the grade level -- included in this Adobe Spark about the art show, email a photo of your student with the art show piece, his/her name, grade level and school, and why they loved their art piece to warnertedrow@gmail.com.

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