My Voice by Rebecca Sumsion

There once was a girl, born start of fall

With three older siblings who seemed rather tall.

She learned very quickly to say “stop” and “no”

If that didn’t work, to her parents she’d go.

She grew and began to be rather expressive

Her “open book” face seemed to be quite impressive.

She longed, at age six to have something begin

So she started, and learned how to play violin.

She gained understanding of how to impart

The feelings and tales that were deep in her heart.

From there she began an interest in singing

A message through music she’d always be bringing.

In writing, she found she was rather proficient

Praises received were more than sufficient.

In her high school theater, a play she did write

As director and writer, she used all her might.

She sings and she writes and continues to play

With hope to pursue news media some day.

She’d like to end up in a business of sorts

Writing articles, blogs and other reports.

A key in’trest would be doing digital news

Also learning to help social media views.

With a passion for words and a message to share

She longs to give hope to a world of despair.

Now, through this write, you’ve been able to see,

That I am that girl I referred to as “she.”

Now for your selection, I am the right choice

For this is my story, and this is my voice.

Created By
Rebecca Sumsion


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