Religion Assessment 2 Cooper bessell

Who am I as a Chrstian Leader?

Leadership is somebody or someone who takes people, its not a person who is shown the way. Leadership can simply be shown by a duck or anyother animal.
Leave a track
stand up for your wrights
Take others with you
Its ok to look different
Try to make someone smile everyday
Lend a Hand

God Given talents

To be myself

To listen to others

To care for others

To share with others

To learn new things everyday

Things to Work on

I need to work on my speech around others

Gods Dream

Gods dream is to notice someone or something that doesn't have all the values that you have

New Law

Jesus new law makes us be us and not copy someone all the time

Key Message

The key message of the Old Testament is to trust in what you think is right

The most important thing a leader should display is the attitude and durability to do things that they think they carn't do


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