My Trip to the Florida Museum of Natural History By Scott stingle

This is a photo of me at the butterfly garden and this my Nature on Display photo. This exhibit caught my attention because once you were in it you felt in touch with nature which was a nice change of pace because everyone is so busy with there everyday lives that they don't stop for a minute to enjoy nature. What made this exhibit so enjoyable was the butterflies. They were so beautiful and looked so peaceful.
Nature and ethics: After reading this informative chart about how frogs evolved from fish I started to realize that animals are that different from us because we are all adapting to achieve the best life. After going through the frog exhibit it was sad knowing that so many animals are going extinct because of how we are destroying our environment and this made me gave a bit of ethical responsibility towards nature.
Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History museum helps us step out of how ordinary lives because we were able to take a break from all our schoolwork to learn and enjoy nature. I was able to see these butterflies snack on a banana which was a nice change from all the schoolwork I have been doing. It helps me better understand who we are and appreciate the mystery of nature because the museum taught me so much in so little time, but it didn’t teach me everything about these animals because there is still things not even the museum knows about them, which also taught me that I don’t need to know everything that I want to do in my life, but I will eventually.

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