Space Exploration Is it useful? or a waste of time?

Space Exploration Unlocks new Technologies

From Baby food, to the material in the sole of Jordans there are a huge outcome of consumer technologies that wouldn't exist without space exploration.

Baby Eating Baby Food and Jordans

Space Exploration Helps Humanity

Space Exploration is a huge feat, however, if we colonized a new planet that would increase our chances of the human race living on i.e. a virus wipes out humanity on earth that virus could be harder to reach the planet that we colonized before the virus wiped out humanity.

Mars (Colonized 2020)

Elon Musk CEO of SpaceX wants to colonize mars by 2020.

Space Exploration Affects us Everyday

The amount of preparation it takes to colonize a planet won't be able to succeed without the help of the everyday citizens. How can we help? well there's a number of things you can do:

  • Share recent discoveries to everyone you know.
  • Donate to space agencies.
  • Cheer the space agencies on.
  • Support ideas of those from a space agency.
Images shown above show the beauty of the universe

The Universe can be beautiful but very dangerous at the same time.

Engines as of right now take tons and tons of thrust to get out of the atmosphere.

SpaceX has discovered a way to reuse rockets and that could save millions of dollars.

Technologies are being developed, especially the impossible drive or the warp drive.

The SpaceX agency is well on their way of colonizing mars.

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