Wooden Tip Toys Helping to educate your children through play

Wooden Tip Toys is a small business that makes and sells children's wooden toys, they come in a wide variety from cars and planes to miniature appliances and multiple types of board games. We make the toys ready to ship and will even make custom toys/models for your children and even parents to enjoy playing with, all our toys can be made with a simplistic design in mind, a highly detailed design or anything in between.

'Toys play a major role in the development of a child's imagination, thinking, and language skills. Even in the age of computer games and gaming consoles, toys form an essential part of a child's development. This is the reason why parents need to be careful about the toys that they choose for their child. Careful while buying toys? But aren't toys just for fun? Yes, they are fun, but toys should also allow the child to use his/her imagination and train his/her inquisitive mind.'

The above video shows just how fascinating wooden toys can be and at wooden tip toys we aim to fascinate your children and help them to learn in the best way possible, through playing.

Some examples of the wooden toys and games we make

Below is a brief history of wooden toys throughout the centuries and it will show you just how important wooden toys have been to children in almost all time periods.

There is a large place in history for wooden toys as they have been used for centuries, the earliest toys found by archaeologists were dated to be from ancient Egypt where people would craft small wooden toys for their children to play with. Wooden toys have been a common part of childhood for centuries, in the 1700's German toy makers began to craft a variety of wooden toys and travelled all over Europe to sell them to children, many of the toy makers even took special orders from parents who wanted a special and unique toy for their child. throughout the 1800's the most popular toys doll houses, toy soldiers and wooden trains and tracks, we still make these types of wooden toys and many children adore even to this day. After World War II plastic became the material of choice for toy makers as it is cheaper and easier to mass produce, this caused the production of wooden toys to decline, even today it is rare to find high quality wooden toys on the shelves of super markets and we aim to turn this around one toy at a time.

Wooden Kitchen play set

We make a wide variety of wooden toys such as, ride-ons (tricycles, small bikes etc), Jigsaws and other puzzles, board games, pull along toys, building blocks, musical instruments, wooden vehicles, farm sets and doll houses and even miniature appliances to help your children to learn through using their imagination. We even take custom orders if you want something special for your child and will do our best to create something that your will love to play with.

There are many advantages to wooden toys over other materials such as plastic.

  • Wooden toys are very durable and can last for centuries to be handed down from generation to generation with only minor scratches and dents, they have been used for centuries and are still used today to bring children happiness.
  • They encourage children to use their imaginations to create scenarios for their toys and since wooden toys have no lights or sounds your children will create them using their imaginations, this also means you will be able to hear your child enjoying themselves and laughing while not being distracted by sounds created from plastic toys that make large amounts of noise.
  • Wooden toys are extremely safe, they are coated in a type of varnish that makes the sides durable and less prone to scratches and they also have very few sharp edges so your child will be very unlikely to injure themselves with their toys, they are also made from natural materials so contain no toxins unlike plastic toys, plastic toys also tend to be sharper and when dropped can easily break into small pieces which can be picked up by your children and put in their mouths where it could huge amounts of damage.
  • Last but not least they are beautiful and have a distinct aesthetic appeal to them, they can come in all shapes, sizes and colours and will fit in with your homes d├ęcor easily so you wont have to rush around trying to tidy them all up when you have visitors. we even make models which are safe for your children to play with or even to have on display in your front room.

If you have any questions, queries, get a quote or place an order please don't hesitate to contact us or visit our store during opening hours:

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday- Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Address: 42 Newport Way, Newport, NP42 4TB
  • Email: woodentiptoys@gmail.com
  • Phone number: 01425 424242

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