Where I've Been To My Dear Penelope and TeleMachus

We made our first stop at the Cicones after the Trojan War. When we successfully defeated them, we fed ourselves until I suggested that we leave before reinforcements return. My men didn't listen and most were ambushed and killed the Cicones' reinforcements.
During our return home, Poseidon attacked us and threw us off coarse west. To inspect the new island we landed on, I sent out 3 scouts to investigate. Hours later, I come back by myself, dragging along back the scouts and left after finding out the island was populated with "Lotus Eaters."
The next island we landed on was the home to the son of Poseidon, The Cyclops. As guests, he was to treat us with mutual respect for he was the host. Instead, he starts to eat my men and hold us as captives in his home. Thanks to my brilliance, I convinced him that my name was, "Nohbdy" in case if he was to speak of me to anyone. We proceed to stab his one eye with a blazing steak in order to force him to call for help. As he opens the door, we escape by clinging onto the undersides of his sheep and hiding. We make it back to the ship on the sea and feeling confidently, I make it a must to call out and rub it in his face to mock the gap in intelligence between me and the Cyclops. Obviously enough, he doesn't take it too well. He then starts launching boulders at us and pleads to his father to punish us again for what we've done.
If only my men hadn't betrayed me, we would've been back to Ithaca thanks to Aeolus. To get back at Poseidon, he had taken all of the viscous winds and placed them in a bag for steady sailing. Once we left I had decided to take a needed nap for all the work I'd been doing. During that time, my men became curious of what was the bag of winds and released it. Countless men were lost as we were sent back to before.
Here, we encountered the cannibalistic giants, the Laestrygonians. All but my ship were destroyed, allowing me and only 23 others escape.
We made way North to find another foreign island. My men had left in anger and are turned into animals by the enchantress, Circe. I am given an herb from the gods to become immune to her powers and free them. However, she casted a curse to bring me to bed with her.. During that time, days are turned into years until I grow aware and head off to meet Thebes, a guide that will direct us home.
In order to resurrect Thebes, I first perform a ritual of sacrifices. Soon enough, he comes out and starts giving directions. He predicts that at one point and on in my journey, either I will sacrifice 6 of my men or be left all alone. I soon return to Circe and everyone else in order to start the trek back home once again.
First, we encountered the Sirens. Thankfully, we breezed we easily breezed by without much trouble. However, we came to the split. I would decided to sacrifice only 6 instead all my men in order save the rest. Soon after, we encountered Scylla and Charybdis. Scylla had, as foretold, took 6 of my men. We eventually managed to escape Charybdis and head out back to Ithaca.
acknowledgmentWe arrived on the home of Helios's cattle. Without my knowledge , my men had gone and killed them. After we had embarked, Helios punished us by destroying my boat and killing all my men. Then I was all alone.
AscaniusWhen I managed to reach land, I met Calypso. She lured me in and held me hostage on her island. I managed to finally escape from her control years later and started rebuilding a way home. She tried to drag me back in by offering me immortality and riches. I denied them all and made my way to Alcinous. .
This was my last stop before reaching Ithaca. Here, the King of the Phaeacions, Alcinous. He treated me as his guest as I told them my magnificent journey up until now. Then I finally left on the patch for my home.


Created with images by Daniel Pink - "Storm clouds" • Andrewkim - "lotus nature plants" • geese - "Cyclops"

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