According to (www.Merriam-Webster.com/dictionary) Definition of loyal 1 : unswerving in allegiance: such as a : faithful in allegiance to one's lawful sovereign or government were loyal to the king b : faithful to a private person to whom faithfulness is due a loyal husband c : faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product a loyal churchgoer loyal to the party of their forebears — Dennis Farney
According to me, loyal is all that and much more.

When someone or you are loyal, you:

follow, obey, help, support, defend, trust, love; and above all have faith and respect for someone or a cause.
Being loyal is having a fire that can make you an unstoppable force.

With enough loyalty,

you can go any distance,
push through any defensive line,
fight through any danger without fear.

Being loyal can also give you a passion

which make you an immovable object.
Giving you courage to stand against any tide,
to endure any pain,
any vile and mean words,
and any crowd.

For example, there was a man named Jesus Christ who was brought to this world to save humanity from their sins,

He came telling of good news,
healing the sick,
and inspiring hope indiscriminately to everyone.
He was the Son of God and He was loyal to his Father and His teachings.

He did not have it easy though,

there were people who thought they were better than others and others who preferred to continue evil deeds.
These people intended to stop, hurt and even kill Jesus.
Now Jesus had many opportunities to give up and deny His belief,
but He was loyal to His Father.

And near the end of his duty, when He was abandoned by friends and betrayed by those whom He help,

He was publicly executed.
Despite temptation, abandonment, pain, fear, and death; Jesus is a great example and testament to the meaning of the word loyal.

Some synonyms that can remind you of word loyal are:

faithful, undying love,
devoted, incorruptible,
devotion, respectful,
and homage.

All of which we have once expressed or felt.

Being loyal isn’t standing for only yourself.
It also isn’t doing work in hopes that you get something out of it.
Loyalty isn’t backing out of a promise,
but staying to it till the end.
Being loyal isn’t giving up what you believe because of what someone says.
Being loyal is not wavering like a tumbleweed in the wind,

but a flag pole tall and proud of what you stand for.

Loyalty, like selfishness can be something that motivates us.
But being loyal is something that we believe that is bigger and more meaning full than ourselves,
while selfishness is believing that we are the bigger and better meaning in life.

Selfish and loyal can be toward the same noun,

such as being selfish for love,
and being loyal to love;
but they have different intentions,
and outcomes.
An ancient Greek poet once said: “One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives. Euripides”

Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/e/euripides149016.html

Works Cited:

“Loyal.” Merriam-Webster, http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/loyal.

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