Short Story By: Ella Rindy

I woke up to the sound of my little sister Nora crying. Great first day of vacation.

I always thought vacation was supposed to be a time where you get to sleep in and not have to worry about anything.. Well not this week. Even though I only have a family of 4 it’s still chaotic. Me and my family were in Hawaii for spring break. I have one deviled little sister named Nora, she’s the biggest brat you’ll ever meet, my dad’s name is Mark, well he’s my step dad my mom got divorced back when I was 1 ½. I never get to see Mark though, he’s always working and he’s never home. Then there’s my mom, her name is Courtney me and my mom have a really strong relationship she’s always there for me whenever I need her. She’s more than just my mom… she’s my bestfriend.


I was laying down on the side of the pool trying to get a nice summer tan, and then these obnoxious little kids jumped into the pool and splashed me. I looked up, ready to yell at them when I noticed one of them was Nora! I ran inside with water dripping down my legs.

“MOM!” I yelled, “Nora and her stupid little friends purposely just splashed me while I was laying by the pool!”

This was the only thing I remember before the biggest wave I have ever seen, hit.

Big Wave

I woke up in pain, drenched to the bone. Everywhere I looked all I saw was muddy brown water. There were cars floating up and down a long stream of water. Theres broken down houses, filled with water.. Destroyed. I was so confused and I had so many questions.


Where’s Nora?

Where’s dad?

Where’s mom?

Are they ok?

What just happened?

My head hurt. I felt sick to my stomach about all of the thoughts swirling around in my brain. I felt something dripping down my leg not knowing if it was blood or water. I was too nervous to look. I looked down and saw a long streak of blood on my shin - the biggest gash I’ve ever seen. I was terrified. I had never been this scared in my whole life.

It was at that moment when I heard the most dreadful scream. I limped my way to the scream and soon came across someone that looked...Dead.

“Are you ok?” I said in a worried voice. I cleared all of the mud, grass, and tree branches off of her.

The lady turned to look at me, “Katie?” She sounded excited and confused at the same time.


At that point, I didn't even care if she was all bloody. I bent down and gave her a huge hug and never wanted to let go. I cried in her arms. She cried in my arms. It felt like there was nothing around us and it was only me and my mom….

Until we hear a siren. Not just any siren - a warning siren - something trying to tell us something, my mom and I didn't know what to do. We just stood there not moving. I felt the tree bark up against my face. I was holding on tightly to a tree and then I let go screaming for my mom.

”MOM! Where are you?”

My mom was laying underneath a soggy bench that looked dark brown because of all of the water that went over it. My mom couldn’t stand up; she had no energy. I thought my mom was going to die. All I did was cry, but I didn't want her to think I was scared, so little puffs of anger and sadness came out one by one.

I tried to pull my mom out from under the bench. She screamed in pain. She had so many wounds I don’t know which one hurt her. After about 20 minutes of me pulling, my mom screaming, I finally got my mom out.

“What is going on?” I asked my mom “What are these monstrous waves attacking us”?

My mom didn't say anything back.

“Mom? Are we going to die?”

My mom and I always had a really strong relationship. My dad and I didn’t really talk, he was always at work and even when he was home he would still be doing stuff for work. And if I was ever going through anything hard I would always go to my mom first thing, I love my mom.

My mom closed her eyes… still… Nothing.


Everyone dressed in black, so depressing. I get that funerals are a sad time but I would never want people to wear black all it does is make everyone more sad, that’s what I think. “Cortney was a great woman, a friend, a mother, a wife, when anybody needed any help she was there for them, she was sweet, kind, generous, gorgeous and it’s such a tragedy that we lost her on March 30th 2002 in a horrific tsunami. I’m sorry for everyone’s loss.” The funeral director told us all. I set my mom’s favorite flowers on her coffin, violets.

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