Feeling Low? get yourself back to the top

Are you feeling low, unmotivated, like you dont want to get out of bed in the morning, constantly fed up, emotional? You might have low self esteem! We can help!

Do You Sometimes Feel Like This?--->

Starting you'r journey!

There's a long road ahead!

When stating your journey, it might seem impossible. But think of it as a video game, you wouldn't dare give up with out putting up a fight and getting to the end of the quest or mission! there are a few steps to over come before you start feeling 100% better but i believe anyone can climb the mountain of Self Esteem!

Get Prepared

Like any explorer, you will need to prepare yourself to the journey ahead! The world is a weird and wonderful place and is something to love and fear! But don't hold back from conquering the world. It's your oyster!

Keep a diary

First of all, you will want to let out as much as you can! Get a piece of paper and write down everything your feeling. Whats making you sad, whats making you happy at the moment, everything you feel at this moment of time. Make sure to keep the paper so if you want to keep writing things down in the future you can!

You Probably Thinking That Diary Are For Younger Children And That People Would Make Fun Of You, But I Cant Help But Reassure You That It Will Help You Feel Better, it a Promise. With a Diary you can keep track of how your feeling and work on controlling your emotions and getting on track on having a good day everyday. Below you will find a video of Nadia and Kaye and there daily video diary entry on battling Depression. It might be hard to believe, but even adults struggle to deal with self esteem problems. Some have to deal with it daily!

Always Remember Never To Be Embarrassed About How Your Feeling It's Normal!
You might believe that because you are feeling so low you will never be able to be happy again. But dont worry anyone can start their journey to feeling good no matter how low they feel.


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