The Disease that Killed Many By: Lauryn foley

You might have heard of the illness known as "Ebola". Ebola is a deadly disease that originated in Western Africa. This disease has killed almost 1.4 million people in just as little as 4 months. Ebola will start out seeming as if you have the flu, but then the symptoms will start to increase
Symptoms include pains in your chest, abs, joints or muscles. Also internal bleeding which can result in coughing up blood or vomiting blood. More symptoms could be chills, dehydration, fever, loss of appetite or sweating, and red spots and sore throat. All these symptoms make it a lot harder to keep the disease from spreading.
This disease didn't take too long to spread to multiple areas. Just imagine how worried the people in Africa had to have been. In October 2014 there were 270 doctors working to help patients cope with this disease. Its crazy how many people were infected and died from ebola. About 1,603 people were infected and 887 of those people died

It was a struggle for ebola patients the always had to be separated from the rest of the world.

The doctors had to make sure that they would not be exposed to the disease.

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