Climate Feedback By: Stephanie Konieczny

Greenhouse Gases

The greenhouse effect is when the earth's heat is getting trapped inside the atmosphere causing the earth's temperature to rise. The heat from the sun is absorbed by the earths surface, then the heat that is being reflected gets trapped by the gases. This is much like a greenhouse because the heat is being absorbed then trapped inside.

The main three greenhouse gases are Methane, Carbon dioxide, and water.

These are all considered greenhouse gases because they absorbs the suns light and heat up the atmosphere.

When the infrared lights hit the gases, they bounce back down causing them to stay in the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases are gases that are being absorbed. When this happens, the heat gets trapped inside the atmosphere causing the temperature to rise.

This is showing the how much the earth's temperature is increasing over the years.

The earth's temperature has risen by approximately 1.53 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880.

How melting of sea ice causes warmer ocean water.

In this feedback system, the temperature rises, then the sea ice melts, after the surface Alberto decreases, lastly the ocean absorbs more heat.

This affects the atmosphere and climate because it is absorbing the heat causing it to be warmer.

This is a positive feedback cycle because it has a positive loop. When the ice melts, the water gets warmer, and so on.

3.2 percent of ice melts each decade.

This shows how much the ice has melted over time.

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