To Kill a Mockingbird Ashley Abbott

So what was it like to live 1930's and 1960's? Harper Lee the author of To Kill a Mockingbird lived in this period and in this it'll talk about how it was like.

She lived in the southern United States during many of the problems the US has went through 1930's and 1960's.

The Great Depression was a big income decrease causing thirty million people without jobs or the loss of the one that brings all the money for the family. This caused stress and nine thousand banks to go out of business. So most of the people in the US had no job which equaled to no income.

What cause this was Ben Bernanke the past chairman of the Federal Reserve by raising the fed fund rate caused the stock market to crash. With this it cause more problems that they started to go to currency markets, so they had to higher the fed fund rate again to keep the dollar value.

With losing all this money people withdrew from there banks which cause the nine thousand banks to close down. Also many other places with a lot of people with no jobs some of the businesses gave free stuff to people.

With the money problems it caused many fights and tons of stress in the streets to get jobs. Also even kids with signs in hope people will give jobs to their families.

Also during Harper Lee in 1930's and 1960's there was The Murder of Emmett Till which was a brutal abduction and murder which moved the emerging of the Civil Rights Movement.

When this happened it shocked many Americans on what was going on in the US. With his mother being an account and being a amazing woman she was gone a lot working with confidential files, so most of the time Emmett was alone. When people found out how brutally murder this 14 year old boy this made a great move to more freedom for the blacks.

In Harper Lee's time period there was also the Civil Rights Movement. What this did was give black, African Americans, the freedom that they deserved like the right to vote, equal opportunity of employment, housing, education and lot more.... This was a big change because they had to go to separate places usually more worse to get stuff or even go to separate schools than the whites which were usually worse.

During this the Civil Rights Movement changed a lot in the United States causing a lot of the original laws for African Americans to be demolished and using the same ones for the whites are using. This of coarse still caused fights and repulse against allowing this movement to go through by humiliating or even killing them(Emmett Till). But it went through making all the US people all important.

But most of all there was Martin Luther King Jr. that helped the movement a lot.

Next there was the Scottsboro Trials were one of the most important American radicalism that successfully beat Jim Crow which was a white man named Thomas Dartmouth Rice made.

This include nine black young men that were falsely accused for raping two white women on the board of a train near Scottsboro Alabama (1931). This trial showed the racism of American legal system and the overturning the conviction to them. This shocked the people of the United States and what they thought. In 1937 they were saved in the United States Supreme Court which beat the Jim Crow legal system.

There was also the Jim Crows Laws which ties in with the Scottsboro Trials. This were put up for the segregation of the whites and blacks in the US.

This of coarse caused division and ranked people of their color and fights because of the injustice and less rights.

So what was it like for Harper Lee to live back then? Well it wasn't that nice or a sweet place to be in at that time.


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