The French Revolution By: Daydrian JaEcksch

The French Revolution's main objective was to eliminate imperial rule and take power away from a group of elite (high class) leaders. The French Revolution was successful because they were able to get rid of the monarchy and give power back to the people. They did this by Killing King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette.

The French Revolution was also unsuccessful because they couldn't decide on who would take over and rule over the people but not control them.

The French Revolution was caused by the nations debt, high prices for food, and refusal of the clergy to pay taxes. The country was divided into three social classes with the two top classes consisting of only a few elite members of the society while the rest of the population was left out. The third estate, or the lowest of the classes did not enjoy certain privileges and had to shoulder heavy feudal dues which is why they decided to pursue change. Poverty also played an important role in fueling the French Revolution. (

King Louis XVI Who was married to Marie Antionette
Reign of terror AKA The terror

The Reign of terror was a time of violence due to the conflict between the Third Estates and Elite members. During this time they executed those who they believed were "enemies of the evolution".

The guillotine, called the "National Razor", became the symbol of the revolutionary cause, strengthened by a string of executions: King Louis XVI, Queen Marie Antoinette, most of the Girondins. (

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