Zebra shark Kirsten McDonough & erin brown

Interesting facts

  • They are very flexible which allows them to slip into small cracks to hunt the food they need.
  • The mouth and teeth of Zebra sharks are designed for crushing through the exoskeletons and other shells of their prey.
  • Not a violent shark, slow swimmers and non-aggressive
  • When they reach adulthood, their stripes are replaced with dark spots so they can blend in with the ocean floor.
  • known as "carpet fish" because they have a great ability to breath easily while resting on the sea floor. Normally, they point towards the natural water flow and pump water through their gills without requiring any movement.
  • Females zebra sharks do not need a male to have babies

Human Interaction

  • Humans fish for this shark for it's flesh, liver oil, fins, and fish meal production
  • Kept in many aquariums
  • Many divers try to ride them or grab their tails


One day I'm striped and the next day I'm spotted

  • http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-9Vaoq0apGOY/UD4wVwONgdI/AAAAAAAABAs/ua_N_iIWBpE/s1600/Zebra-Bullhead-Shark-2.jpg
  • http://people.com/pets/zebra-shark-has-rare-virgin-birth-at-aquarium-in-australia/
  • https://www.sciencerecorder.com/news/2017/01/17/zebra-shark-develops-ability-reproduce-without-male-mate/

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