Tristan and Isolde Famous Couple Project by Tristan Kreuzberger

Sir Tristan

When Tristan was born, his mother died due to the birth. Because of this, he was named Tristan, due to its meaning which is "sorrow". He grew up to become a noble knight, learning to hunt, joust, dance, play the harp, and be chivalrous. He became such a good knight, that he became one of the knights of the round table, and he was the hero of a few legends.


Isolde was the daughter of King Anguish of Ireland. Her mother healed Tristan after he received an awful wound while fighting King Mark's Enemy, Duke Morholt. She has more to her story, but that will be presented in just a minute.

The Famous tale

King Mark sent Sir Tristan to Ireland to get Isolde's hand in marriage on the behalf of the King. While in Ireland, Tristan slayed a dragon that was ravaging the land. Since he did such a good deed for Ireland, Isolde accepted the offer. To ensure the success of the marriage, the queen of Ireland prepared a potion to make Isolde and the King love each other passionately.

On the homeward journey, Tristan and Isolde mistakenly drank the potion, thinking it was wine, and they fell in love each other. Once they realized what they had done, Tristan insisted on her marrying King Mark out of loyalty for his uncle, disregarding his feelings for her.

Because of the potion, the two couldn't resist not seeing each other, and they were accused of adultery countless times by the King's followers. King Mark got tired of dealing with it, so he banished Tristan. Tristan went to serve multiple kings in multiple battles. Eventually, he came to live in Brittany, where he married a woman named Isolde of the White Hands.

Tristan went to Isolde again in Cornwall, and on his way home, he took part in a battle where he was given a fatal wound. He sent for Isolde of Cornwall, instructing them to sail with white sails if she was aboard the ship and black ones if she wasn't. Out of jealousy over the whole situation, the Isolde of the White Hands lied to Tristan saying the ship had black sails when it docked. Tristan was so upset that he died on his bed. When Isolde of Cornwall arrived and discovered the death of her lover, she fell over and died of a broken heart. (Fun fact: this can literally happen. The condition can be caused by extreme emotional stress, and it can result in death.)

The two lovers were buried next to each other in Cornwall, from Isolde's grave, a tree grew, and from Tristan's a vine grew. The vine wrapped around the tree, and every time the vine was cut, it grew and wrapped around the tree again, showing that the two were inseparable even in death.

TheIr RelationsHip

So, a very quick summary on the relationship: They met after Tristan went to Iseult for her healing power in Ireland. The two were introduced by Iseult. They were never "together" per se, but they did seek each other out behind the King's back. They never had children, at least according to the variant I presented to you. What makes this love story so amazing is the utter devotion to each other even when it was forbidden.


Compare and Contrast: some similarities between Tristan and Isolde and Romeo and Juliet is that the love was forbidden by family, but they did it regardless because of their passionate love for each other. Another similarity between the two couples is their eventual deaths for each other. Romeo dies because Juliet died (or at least he thought. That had to be the worst "Sike!" moment of all time), but technically Juliet died because she was overwhelmed that Romeo had. Isolde also died because she was overwhelmed that Tristan had.

In regards to Cyrano, Tristan was a brave, cunning warrior, similar to Cyrano. Also like Cyrano, Tristan attempted to suppress his feelings towards Isolde like Cyrano did with Roxane. Both of them did that because they didn't want to be disloyal to somebody and break their trust.

What makes them memorable?

What makes this couple memorable is their undying love and devotion to each other. Even though much time and many obstacles such as marriage stood between them, they still loved one another even after death. It shows how you can achieve anything as long as you don't give up.

Thank you for your time and attention!



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