Clouds Jake Freeman P5

Stratus Clouds- Are low level clouds characterized by horizontal layering with a uniform base. Altitude- 6,000 feet, indicates freezing rain, drizzle, snow grains.

Nimbostratus clouds- Dark, Wiidspread, formless layers. Altitude- 10,000 feet, Might evaporate before getting to the ground.

Cumulus Clouds- Puffy, Little or no precipitation, Altitude 3,300.

Altocumulus Clouds- Minimum 6,000, No precipitation, individual segments that are large and dark.

Cumulonimbus cloud: Very tall and big, Rain can fall from these, These can reach lots of different heights.

Cirrocumulus Clouds- Minimum 20,000 feet. Can rain from these but evaporates before reaching land, small high clouds in a row.

Cirrus cloud- Thin wispy strands, Minimum 16,500 feet, with no precipitation.


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