The ABC'S of Africa By: Emily Cagle


Africa is the second largest continent on Earth!

Africa was also part of the large super continent called Pangea that shaped the current landscape of Earth.


The Balafon is made out of wooden planks,loosely bound together by a string.

To produce sound on a Balafon you have to hit it with either miniature clubs or mallets.


Ghana is the largest Coco bean producer.

Coco beans are used for making chocolate.


There are three main deserts in Africa,The Sahara,The Namib,and The Kalahari.

The largest desert in Africa is the Sahara.


Africa has three main empires,the Mali,the Ghana,and the Soninki.

Some of the items that they traded was salt and gold.

Fula Flute (tambin)

In West Africa, the tambin is normally constructed out of a thick, woody vine that grows along the banks of parts of the Niger River.

It only has three holes to blow into.

Ghana Empire

Their main religions are Christianity and Muslim.

Between 300-1200 AD Ghana controlled the export of salt and gold.


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