BLACK TUESDAY boom or bust visual essay


The economy was succeeding through the 1920’s everybody was buying stock and life was going good .But sadly it failed in October of 1929 when the stock markets crashed and everybody lost everything. It was a sad time for many people. Everyone invested in them so everybody lost their money. Many people were left jobless, homeless, and money less. They lived in tiny shanty towns called Hoovervilles. It was made out of materials that they could find. They all had to pay back enormous amounts of debt. Many used credit cards to pay for things that were too expensive. Once Hoover was voted out of the office then came Franklin D Roosevelt . He created the New Deal that had new ways to bring back money, jobs, and other great things.

They built cars faster and more better and not rush.
They used the assembly line to make things more easier to set up cars.
This is a graph how the economy went in the 1930's.
The crash made many banks close and people had low amounts of money.

Role Of Government

The Role of Government in the 1930’s was Hoover to help the people and instead he didn't do that. He did not give any money to the people that needed it most. He promised the WW1 veterans that they would get a bonus for their help in the war. They stood in front of the Capital building and demanding their money. President Hoover already failed them once he should not have failed them a second time. He barricaded himself in the White House and and sent troops with machine guns and tanks to put down the protesters. In his presidency years 9,000 banks were closed and losing over 2.5 billion dollars. FDR was the next president. He created the New Deal and helping many Americans helping them get through the hard times. He infused over 2 billion dollars into the banking system. FDR signed a Social Security Act in 1935. It funded tax on worker incomes and businesses. He also established the Aid to Dependent Children. The federal aid provided the disabled people and stated could receive federal funding for the unemployed payments.

President Hoover was a bad president not helping people through the struggle of the Depression.
President Hoover made a hands off approach and let businesses do whatever they wanted to do with their business.
This is a chart of the unemployed rate because of the Great Depression.
This is a picture of the Bonus Army in front of the capital chanting that they wanted their money.
President FDR wanted the U.S to get back on their feet and he created the new deal and closed the banks so he could put money in them so people can have money.

Leisure Time

In the homes of many sad people were very lonely and don't know what to keep them busy. They thought that movies and art were very nice to go see. Many families would go to see a movie once a week. There were movie like: Frankenstein, and King Kong . They thought it helped to escape their problems. They also liked the Mickey Mouse cartoons and the actress Shirley Temple.They liked to listen to music and maybe for a treat go to one of the clubs. They liked to also listen to the radio.

They would also sit to listen to the radio because to hear president FDR about the depression.
They would stay out late because there was electricity that showed light and they could see..
Families listened to the radio for fun and to be with their families.
People had cars so they can go out with their friends and families and the adults cab drink the alcohol and go see sports and the movies and other things.

Home Life

Home life was very stressful for families that had no parent working a job and living out on the street. Many people were unemployed at this time. Many families had to sell their homes and move to Hoovervilles. They were mostly dirty and unsanitary for all children and adults. They had to adapt to a low standard way of living. Children had many diseases because of malnutrition. It was bad to live in unsanitary conditions. Many people moved to California because of the droughts and dust storm that were happening in the Plains states. Farmers were desperately searching for work and sill to grow their plants. o.

When people lost their jobs there would be soup kitchens available s they can eat and drink.
Where some people lived in big nice houses and they were big.
This is what women wore to out to stay out late and go to bars with their friends in the 1920's.


Farmers were doing great in the 1920’s making many sales and progressing nicely. When the depression came many farmers lost most of their buyers. People were not buying so the farmer has no money so he has to close down. The farmers were so mad that they threw their loads of fruit,vegetables,eggs ,and milk because nobody was buying. When the Dust Bowl came it wiped away a lot of the seeds that they planted. The soil was all dry so the plants could not grow. The dust bowls were so bad that the dust was really heavy and it turned into a “ black blizzard”. It blocked out the sunlight and it buried houses and even killing animals and people. That is when the farmers and the other people that were struck moved to California.

This is one of the farms that got hit with the Dust Bowl and their crops are bad and there are none grown.
This farmer found none of his plants grown and is in the dirt.
Farmers were good at growing crops and they had animals on their farms.
Farmers made many food to sell and they sold it.


Women worked to help their families.
Women worked at sewing because men did more of the "jobs".
Women would wear fancy clothes and hang out with friends and family and go clubbing.
Women wore skimpy swim suits and they wore short clothing.

African American

African Americans were not treated right since the beginning. There has alway been something against them.Whites wouldn't allow them in the same places. Those places were segregated. In the Great Depression time FDR created a new idea positive to the African Americans. It was called the Black Cabinet and it was high ranking appointees who considered FDR on African American issues throughout the nation. It symbolized a kind of an American freedom, would be called to bring up the spirits of the scared Americans. Many people would listen to music, go to the movies, or looking at paintings to sooth their pain of the Great Depression. Jazz was a popular music type that people listened too. Jazz was popular when they started to play it. Louis Armstrong was one of the jazz players that played at that time.

While the 1930s African American men played jazz.
Louis Armstrong was a players and he played the trumpet he made many jazz songs.t.
People in the 1920's whites were mean to the blacks and not getting treated fairly.
Some places had no black sines and they had to go.

Mexican Immigrants

Mexican Immigrants came to the United States looking for jobs. Many Mexicans chose farming. They bought their own farms and they They would travel thousands of miles to get to the U.S. When the Great Depression happened the Mexicans were out of business because nobody was buying. They were having hard time surviving in bad conditions. The U.S has camps and the Mexicans stayed there and it provided housing food and medicine for migrant farm families. When more were coming up and there was too many for them they would have to tell them to leave or deport them. The Mexicans would have a better time ranching, mining, and the railroad. The railroad changed to a low cost for industry. Their families move to the north and east.

Mexicans came to have a good like and have jobs.
They lived on the farms because that is what most of the Mexicans worked.
They wanted them to leave because there was no room for them and they could not support them.
The Mexicans were not allowed them so they told them to keep on passing by and not to stop they could not care for them.

Stock Brokers

Many people used banks to keep their money in and keep it safe.
people used the buy now pay later because people could not afford so they would pay it off slowly.
Many people went to stock brokers because they had no money and were desperate.
When there was a holiday because of the New Deal and the banks closed so they can get set with money that FDR promised them.


Bankers gave many loans out in the 1920’s but when the Great Depression came when they did not have any money to give them so many people went broke or poor.The had many loads of money for debt. There were warnings of an economic crash but nobody cared until it happened. They lost everything. When FDR took office he makes all the banks take a holiday. He gave the banks 2 billion dollars to refill their money loss. They gave as much as they could away to people that had no money.Nobody trusted the stock broker's after WW2. Many stock brokers were giving money but expected to pay it back but some of them did not. Then the banks use it for something else and nobody has any money to spare. People invested much money into the stocks and now it was all in the trash.

Many businesses exceeded because everyone was buying from the stock market.
People worked mostly in selling because everyone was buying from it.
Many businesses went out of business because they could not pay their rent because they lost their .
many people were desperate for jobs because they had none or they were going to loose soon .Many people went to the soup kitchen because they had no money for food. .


Business owners had a hard time through the Great Depression. Everybody was buying buying, buying. The all used credit cards that you could pay later. The companies needed the money paid back but everyone doesn't have enough money for that item. Nobody says their payments so they go to the Great Depression. They had no money because buyers were not buying and there was no money so they had to shut down. There was nowhere to buy the things so nobody knew where to shop. They had soup kitchens for the homeless and the unemployed and they got the great help for FDR and his new deal that saved everybody.

President Hoover was the president of the early Great Depression and he didn't help the people that were homeless so they made their shanty old towns and called them Hoovervills.
These are the Hoovervill that homeless people lived in.
President FDR was the president that helped the U.S. He created the new deal and had the banks have a holiday day.
He appeared on the radio and he would talk to the people of the U.S and talked about the problems that were going on.
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