The Bright World of Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is an online game based on mobile devices that attracted over 60 million places worldwide in the summer of 2016. The game is based around catching animated versions of real life species and training them for battle. The game's huge following is built on it's early days in the 90's where it captured the imagination of millions of children with a franchise that spanned out magazines, films, TV, and games to mention a few. The experiences people have had with the game are often life long nostalgic memories. Pokemon GO has reignited that nostalgic itch for many of the 90's kids and here are some of their positive experiences with the game.

'I never really played Pokemon growing up but my boyfriend who got me into it did, it got us out the house and onto some exercise which was all great fun. We don't play it much anymore but during the summer we had an awesome time using it around Cardiff and meeting everyone else who was playing it!' - Kirsten Lyons
'I had no idea what the bloody thing was about after I saw it everywhere but after giving it a go I got strangely addicted and just couldn't stop playing, the health effects were just a bonus to be honest, I just wanted to catch them all' - Mike Foster
'The biggest thing for me, it's got to be the exercise really. From growing up with pokemon the combination of actually being able to catch them all was more than enough to get me addicted and I even managed to lose a couple of stone over the course of a few months playing' - Klein Issac
'Genuinely thought pokemon was dead and gone until this craze but it's really struck that nostalgia chord with a lot of the older players and continues to suck in new players' - Charlie Warden
'Since playing pokemon from a young age and meeting loads of new friends the same thing happened as I grew older. I was able to bond with two of my nieces during a holiday through our mutual love of pokemon. Seeing them enjoy the game as I once did was a pleasant moment which was hopefully one of many' - Goncalo Talhadas
'Hours and hours spent on a gameboy when I was younger, that's probably where my love for pokemon started, obviously some of the older game boy games are still really popular but releasing it for smartphones really brought it to the masses, as if pokemon wasn't already part of the masses' - Lewis Stephens
'I've probably spent a little bit too much money on the app, you know? It's amazing. I remember playing the first week and encountering people who were fighting my gym and I would have meaningful interaction with them in the street' - Iohannes Aitkenhead
'It was so nostalgic for me!' going out and seeing everyone on their phone, it was quite a surreal experience and it brought thousands of people together by displaying some common ground for strangers to connect over' - Ashley Dobbie
'Playing it on a cheeky little break from work or waiting for a train, thats what the game is for. It's one of the biggest time killers and was such an innovative design for a smart, a design that a lot of other companies are flat out unable to replicate, and thats part of what makes pokemon special' - Adam Charlton
'My little brother has pretty severe learning difficulties along with troubles socializing and for the first time in a very long time he wanted to go outside, mix with others kids and talk about pokemon. It's a great medium for bonding and has managed to break down his social barriers' - Pasher Prazsky

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