Lin-Manuel Miranda RENAISSANCE Man

He can sing! He can rap! He can dance! He can act! This is the one and only broadway star, Lin-Manuel Miranda! From childhood, Lin-Manuel has always had musical talent. Born on January 16, 1980 in Manhattan New York, this star started young. His parents started him and his sister in piano lessons when he was only five years old. His parents loved listening to broadway musical soundtracks, and soon Lin-Manuel Miranda began his love for music. He also formed a love for hip-hop. Through school he performed in many school theatre productions at Hunters College elementary and high school. He then went off to college and majored in theatre studies. After, he became a high school english teacher for a while before he became the broadway star that we know today.

Young Lin-Manuel Miranda with his family

Lin-Manuel Miranda has performed in many shows and productions. Soon after college, he wrote a musical called In The Heights. Later on, this became a Broadway production in which he starred. He has also worked on countless other productions such as West Side Story and Bring It On the Musical. That's not all though! He has also performed in TV shows and movies. Some examples of this are, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, and The Odd Life Of Timothy Green. In addition, he also wrote and performed in the now well known Broadway musical Hamilton. Hamilton is all about the life of one of the great founding fathers of America, Alexander Hamilton. It has become a very popular musical across the country. Lastly, he wrote all of the music for the well liked Disney musical Moana. This has led him to even more fame. In short, he has been in many amazing productions and uses his talents to exemplify the role of a true Renaissance man.

Wrote all of the music for Disney's musical Moana

Lin-Manuel performing in Hamilton

Hamilton has grown throughout the years and has earned many fans!

Lin-Manuel has earned numerous awards for his hard and dedicated work. He has won one Emmy award and a Pulitzer Prize for drama. He has earned two Grammys for In The Heights and Hamilton too. This year Hamilton was nominated for sixteen Tony awards. That is the most in Broadway history! That night they won 11 Tonys! Now how did he get this far? Lin-Manuel Miranda has a wonderful family who support him. His mom, Luz-Towns Miranda and dad, Louis A. Miranda Jr. sparked that love of music in him when he was very young. He has a loving wife, Vanessa Nadal and a son, Sebastian Miranda that have helped him as well. Just like others though he had inspiration. Lin-Manuel Miranda was first inspired to write the famous Broadway musical Hamilton on vacation when he read a biography about Alexander Hamilton. This book was key in writing this musical. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a clear Renaissance man, and inspires others every day to believe in themselves.

Lin-Manuel Miranda with his wife Vanessa Nadal

Lin-Manuel Miranda with his dad Louis A. Miranda Jr.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal with son Sebastian Miranda

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