Divergent Selfless, brave, intelligent, peaceful, honesty


Abnegation is the selfless. Their headquarter is located at the Northwest Side. Their clothing is very simple and gray. They do not have much to wear other than gray. The leader for Abnegation is Marcus Eaton.


Dauntless is the group known for their braveness. They are located on 333 Wacker Drive. They wear black clothing, have tattoos, unnatural hair color, and they only use the train to get to places. Their leader is Four, Tori, and Harrison.


Erudite is known as the intelligent faction. They are located less than a mile south from the Navy Pier. They have to wear clothing that is blue. They also have to wear glasses for the appearance of intelligence. Erudite also has great knowledge. The leader for Erudite is Jeanine Matthews.


Amity favors peacefulness the most. The Amity faction lives where the tracks end. Their clothing is different from all the other factions. They all wear yellow clothes, less formal than other factions clothes, and also they are a bright yellow. The leader for Amity is Johanna Reyes.


Honesty goes with Candor. Candors headquarter is found at 2111 West Roosevelt Road. They wear casual clothing. Candor wears black and white clothing. They wear black and white because they think they see the truth through black and white. The leader for Candor is Jack King.


Divergent is meaning of being different. If you are Divergent you do not fit in that well. But, it is a faction. But, if you are factionless it means that your not in a faction at all.

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