Equal Exchange AsoGuabo Banana Co-Op

MOM's Banana Impact in 2020:

Total Bananas Purchased:3,872,880

Total $ Paid to Small Farmers: $618,208

Total $ paid toward pandemic relief and prevention, personal protective equipment, and hygiene stations and healthcare support: $48,411

In 2017, MOMs team members Jon Croft, Justin Smith, and Kendall Lopez visited el Guabo, Ecuador, to meet the small farmers of Asoguabo and learn more about how EE bananas are grown. MOM’s customer’s support for Equal Exchange’s banana program has helped the supply chain grow 10x the size since 2007.

Equal Exchange bananas are fair trade and organic, grown by three small farmer cooperatives in Ecuador and Peru. There are over 1000 farmer-members in these organizations, and they work hard to produce export quality bananas in sustainable ways. The co-ops have used their fair trade premiums to support education, healthcare, and soil health projects.