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I recently read an article by Laura Holson about how people can benefit from participating in new creative activities. It was useful for me to read this article at the current stage of my independent study because I am struggling through a new song. It is helpful to be reminded that the only way to develop our creativity is by trying new things. Holson also talks about how creativity can help people to attain peace and become better at the things they do on a regular basis. This idea connects to times when I play the piano. I find I am simply focused on playing, and I become engrossed as I think about only the keys on the piano. If you are playing piano for a judge, and you make a mistake, you need to be creative and continue as if no mistake was made. This creativity can make my playing more expressive and dynamic than it originally was. Holson's article made it clear that creativity can lead to better self awareness and more happiness.

This video is of me playing Venetianisches Gondellied by Felix Mendelssohn. Venetianisches Gondellied is the first piece I have learned this year.

This is my second piece of the year, Minnesota River Adventure, composed by Melody Bober.

This is my final piece of the year; Hunting Song by Felix Mendelssohn. This was my hardest piece of the year, for the dynamics were much more complicated than any piece I have played in the past.

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