Should there be stricter rules about how coaches treat their players By:Chris Sowers

Have you ever thought where is the line of a coach being tough or abusive. Also when you're coach is pushing you so hard or not being nice to you, that's when you need to stand out and say something. Most people think it's just coaching, well many people think coaching is different and there is only one way of coaching. There's been times where it wasn't coaching and the coach got fired because he or she didn't something that was abusive or not the right. So, where does pushing hard stop and abuse begin?

Coaches can be way too tough on players. Some players get hurt from getting pushed too hard over and over. When they get pushed over and over it is more likely to get injured or have the same injuries happen again. There are coaches that believe to run when the players didn't do something correctly or how the coach wanted. Sometimes running is not the answer and if you do it too much it'll affect or body and your health. If you run hard and a lot it can free cholesterol that will make plaque build up in your arteries. Also if you have a tear or a sore muscle it won't get better because you are still pushing yourself hard, so it's still putting stress on that year or muscle.

There are some instances where coaches are abusive. You may think, “ How and no they are not,” but, when coaches are screaming and threatening you that's one way of being abusive. When your coach or you have seen a coach screaming and moving their hands all over and hitting a player, you need to say something or tell an important person. I have experienced this by having one of my coaches grabbing and squeezing the back of my neck when I had asked if it was okay to call him by one of his nicknames. There was a coach fired for grabbing a player's neck and the only reason he got fire was because someone caught it on video. A lot of NBA and other basketball players were very upset, so it started to get more and more people's attention and so there has been a lot of coaches fired for a good cause. Some coaches like to use fear, humiliation, demeaning disrespectful behaviors, and that's not right because it can cause kids to quit and completely lose their love for basketball.

There is a lot of coaches that are out there that are only about one player and don't pay attention to others. When the coach does this to his or her test it will wreck the whole team because it would seem as if no one else matters. It would also cause stress for some players and eventually players would start quitting. Ball hogging is another thing that happens way too much and not enough coaches are stopping it. Ball hogging is bad because there could be players open and they won't pass, well that wrecks the speed and the score of the game. You need the whole team to win the game and keep up with the other team. There needs to be less coaches that are all for one and one only. Also when coaches tell other players that they suck and shouldn't even play the game and when they yell at one person for doing it wrong without telling them what they did wrong.

In conclusion schools and teams need to crack down on their coaches. We need to find and hire more people that will respect and be kind to their players. So, when your coach is screaming at you and hitting or almost hitting you, you need to tell someone about it. Abusive coaches are no good because they can wreck lives and dreams of kids. Also we need to start looking more into the people that are hired for the job, because they can be good and act nice, but be totally different on the court or whatever sport is being played. It also could affect the coach by what sport they coach, because it could bring their inner-self out and people would see and realize. So basically if you want your kids or if you want yourself to be in good hands, make sure you know the coach.


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