City Play Easter Newsletter

Welcome to Our End of term Newsletter!

Coming up in this edition:
  • Return to sessions
  • Recap of the topics and fundamental movement skills (FMS) covered in the fourth half term
  • World Book Day 2021
  • CITC Speak Week 2021
  • What to expect after the Easter break
return to session's

With the gradual lifting of restrictions from March 8th, allowing schools to re-open to all children; City Play has seen a full return to its usual face-to-face delivery across all settings!

Face-to-face delivery is when we are at our best and can have the most impact supporting children across Manchester. Our coaches love being out in the community and providing a physical presence to deliver and support in sessions.

The last couple of months have been a challenging period of adaptation, but the coaches have worked hard to produce some fantastic online content that was shared with our schools and nurseries and they have continued to deliver to key worker children in the community wherever possible. City Play has been doing it's absolute best to help those that need it most...but it sure is good to be back!

The final term will hopefully allow us to deliver fun and engaging sessions, with a wealth of opportunity for participants to learn and develop. All whilst continuing to follow social distancing and COVID safe guidelines.

We know the past year will have affected the development of children in varying ways, so to support children to catch up on missed opportunities of physical development, we would like to offer some free support by delivering sessions after-school. If you feel you have any early years children that would benefit from this additional support, please email Emma-Jayne.Green@cityfootball.com

We are also looking to donate some of this years City Play equipment, so if your setting would benefit from any of the equipment you have seen us using in our sessions, please let us know.

Half-Term Round UP

This term's theme has been 'Characters and Role Playing'. Tapping into the imagination of our participants, we have delivered some really fun sessions centered around famous characters from TV, books and the world around us! As always, each session was linked to a specific fundamental movement skill (FMS) and the children were able to demonstrate some creative ways to develop these skills!

FMS covered:

  • Balancing (PJ Masks) - Manipulating the body to balance
  • Jumping (World Book Day - "We're Going On A Bear Hunt) - Hopping using both feet
  • Running (Lego) - Varying stride length and moving on tip toes
  • Throwing (Kings/Queens/Castles/Dragons) - Throwing with one hand
  • Catching (Easter) - Catching with one hand

Thank you to all staff that have had conversations with the coaching team over the past few weeks about staff CPD and ways we can support you most effectively. We are currently reviewing this process and will feedback to you before the end of the year.

World Book Day 2021

Thursday 4th March was World Book Day! To celebrate, throughout the week, City Play coaches delivered sessions inspired by the story "We're Going On A Bear Hunt". It's one of our favourite sessions to deliver on the programme and one we know our participants will enjoy!

Coaches recapped the story and then brought it to life, by splashing and sploshing through the river, and squelching and squerching through the mud! All in an attempt to find a bear...

As well as this, the City Play staff shared pictures and drawings of their favourite books and stories, alongside a quote of why - these were shared across CITC social media throughout World Book Day. We love celebrating such a fantastic day and seeing the joy that it brings to our participants.

Here's some of our City Play coaches favourite books!
CITC speak week 2021
Speak Week launched on March 22nd 2021

City in the Community is delighted to be celebrating its first ever Speak Week - a campaign to champion the voices of our participants and partners.

Speak Week is an opportunity to hear from the people that know CITC best - our valued participants. They are the reason we do what we do, and without them we wouldn't have a need, so it's only right to give them the voice to share their experiences of CITC and help shape the future of the Community Foundation.

Surveys were carried out and we received over 600 responses across several CITC programmes. These surveys were aimed at understanding what CITC brings to it's participants and how it can best support them.

You may see our coaches have started wearing #SpeakUpSpeakOut badges, these are there as a reminder and to encourage our participants to voice their feelings.

If you haven't yet had the opportunity to complete the Speak Week Partner Survey about your own experiences with CITC, it will remain open for a few more weeks and can be accessed by clicking HERE.


We've had some great responses to our weekly challenges. Below are the challenges we've sent out so far in case you want to re-share them over the Easter holidays!

What to Expect Going into spring

In the spring term, the City Play team will deliver the theme "Around the World". We will be exploring different landscapes and environments, travelling to volcanoes, the moon, the beach and even acting as Pirates and Superheroes and we may even be bringing some special props along to our sessions too. It's certainly going to be action packed with plenty of imagination and room for creativity!

We will be back after the Easter break ready and raring to go and will begin discussions with all of our partners about provision for 2021/22, so if you have any feedback or questions about anything please do get in touch.

We Hope you continue to stay safe, healthy and active!

Have a lovely Easter!